The Atlanta Pops Orchestra

D. Jewel Harris

JEM Teams will explore how technology can be used to create digital media solutions that celebrate the rich history and musical archives of The Atlanta Pops Orchestra.
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About The Atlanta Pops Orchestra
Campaign Contact:
Leonard Altieri
General Manager
Altieri & Associates
Phone & Email: Link
College Town: Georgia Piedmont Technical College

The Atlanta Pops Orchestra

“OPERATION RESTORATION” Digital Badge & Skillcoin Rewards System

JEM Teams will explore how technology can be used to create digital media solutions that celebrate the rich history and musical archives of The Atlanta Pops Orchestra.


  • Select a job for your JEM Team’s College Town Service-Learning Project
  • Unlock the secret learning levels of each Fab Lab training course
  • Collect digital badges & Skillcoin Rewards to raise funds and secure resources for your service project
  • Coordinate an Investor/Mentor Meetup to present your work to “The 17” Legacy Council and your College Town community.
Service Goal #4
Archiving The Atlanta Pops will provide JEMs with advanced camera techniques, audio production, scriptwriting, producing, directing, editing, employability skills, and development of a digital portfolio to include resume’, references, and production samples.

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  • Connector.

    Map Your Location

    Add an updated status of the locations the Atlanta Pops have traveled and add their performance location and information with the nearest College Town.
    Job Link

  • Connector.

    Develop A Master Plan

    Review The Atlanta Pops current website and archives summary to design an interface that is pleasant, has easy acces to its content, and effectively communicates the functions of their site.
    Job LInk

  • Connector.

    Assess Project Cost & Resources

    This group is constantly on the go! Measure each activity of your master plan. Consider the group’s availability for interviews, photo shoots, appearances, and their performance schedules. Also consider the functionality of their site, how information will be secured and shared, ecommerce features, and the materials, supplies, resources and estimated amount of time needed to fully develop their site.
    Job Link

  • Connector.

    The 12 Permaculture Principles

    Integrate the 12 Permaculture Principles into your design. Be sure to consider intended impact, long term use, achievable maintenance and attractive appearance.
    Job Link

  • Connector.

    Fundraising & Fund Continuity Strategy

    Use our Digital Badge & Skillcoin Rewards System to create a detailed budget with your team. Determine what resources you already have and decide how you will acquire the remaining, cash, materials and labor.
    Job Link

  • Connector.

    Implement Your Plan

    Prepare your client, your team, your materials and supplies, then integrate them into a work plan for the day’s activities.
    Job Link

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A Strategic Partnership With Georgia Tech University

Contributions & wishlist donations will be used to sponsor digital badges and build the financial portfolio for this service project. All donations will be listed in the Junior Southern Barter Club Marketplace and in each NSPIE Members’ virtual account.

Atlanta Pops Orchestra

Event Chair: Leonard Altieri

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