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D. Jewel Harris

Our goal is to raise between $297,000 - $565,000 to hire part-time and full-time staff and train 150 students using our NSPIE University online learning management and Digital Badge & Skillcoin Rewards Micro-Credentialing Systems for a 12-month operation.
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 NSPIE U Community Cleanup
Social Return On Investment (SROI)


• Number of participants: 32
• Number of service hours: 160
• Number of service days: 3
• Number of digital badges in play: 8
• Skillcoin Rewards™ earnings potential: $2,496

• Digital badges collected: 0
• Skillcoin Rewards™ awarded: $0


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Digital Badges In Play

We believe donations should benefit the whole service team, not just the group at the top that “allocates resources”.  By converting your donation to philanthropy, we make sure:

  • 70% of each donation goes towards the actual project
    — 30% for student stipends as a reward for learning new STEM++ skills
    — 40% for supplies, equipment, service-providers and materials
  • NEXT Steps only keeps 30% of each donation
  • We give any remaining project funds to the host nonprofit organization . . . because everyone needs to keep their lights on
  • 30% Student Stipends
  • 40% Project Funds
  • 30% NEXT Steps

Featured Digital Badges

Students that wish to participate in the next NSPIE University Community Cleanup can register and become eligible to earn the following digital badges:
Click the icons beneath each badge to put it into play.

$20 - $10


Digital badge sponsorships are donations that extend your philanthropy for STEM++ education. Each sponsorship includes a student stipend, an allocation to a service-learning project fund, and funding to NEXT Steps to sustain the operation.
Donations can be as low as $1.00.

Sponsorship Level Funding Amount Description
Individual Digital Badge
$10 – $150 each There are over 68 individual digital badges to choose from
Digital Badge Collections
$140 – $300 each Each digital badge collection represents skills required to succeed in a high-demand STEM++ career pathway
Digital Badge Gallery
$2,180 (1 of each badge) Each digital badge gallery sponsorship funds one complete set of all 68 digital badges
NSPIE University Tuition
$23,040 – $28,800 per year Tuition fees are paid monthly and include a paid apprenticeship with a local, small business or nonprofit organization
NSPIE University Operations
Startup $297,390 per year This sponsorship covers startup fees for a small part-time staff and 35% of our total operating budget for NSPIE University

OTHER COOL SUPERHERO MOVESNone of what we do would be possible without the loving hands and hearts of volunteers and donations. Here’s how you can help:Download NSPIE U Toolkit

Task/ItemAvailable SpotsItem DetailsItem Qty
8 Varieties of paints for walls, ceilings, etc.#1:
Carpet Cleaner#1:
Carpet Cleaning Solution#1:
Stage building materials#1:
Repairing original features#1:
Installing 8 new or repairing old air conditioning units#1:
Landscaping (3 acres)#1:
Painting lines for the parking lot#1:
Planting a garden#1:
Installing Wi-Fi/Wiring#1:
Creating a computer center#1:
Creating a print shop#1:
Creating a shared kitchen#1:
Creating multi-purpose classrooms#1:
Installing edible landscaping#1:
Replacing old toilets and sinks#1:
Installing a new playground#1:
Washing windows #1:
Pressure washing and painting doors#1:
Repairing/Replacing old ceiling tiles#1:

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