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logo - stem++ direct logoPre-Apprenticeship & Apprenticeship Programs for Youth and Young Adults

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Real-Time Workforce Experiences
Form or join a Junior Executive Management (JEM) Team to participate in service-learning projects that increase your employable skills within high-demand STEM++ career pathways.
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Jobs Listing

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All opportunities posted to the STEM++ Direct Job Board:

  • Provides work-based and service learning opportunities that are sponsored by and directly related to a digital badge or digital badge collection
  • Is best when coordinated by a minimum of two Junior Executive Management (JEM) Team members (buddy system)
  • Allows Junior Executive Management (JEM) Teams to produce a digital media product, coordinate an investor/mentor meetup, host a community service activity, and/or deliver a business presentation for a product, service or solution they created, discovered or supports.
  • Will NEVER force or try to persuade JEM Team interns to represent or adopt a political or religious ideology.

The jobs listed are only available to students currently registered for Junior Executive Management (JEM) Team internships.

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Complete An Operation Restoration Service-Learning Project With A NSPIE Community Engagement Program
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Dr. Terry M. Segovis
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NSPIE University is a leadership training program for youth and young adults that offers flexible blended-learning and employment solutions through individually customized curricula, mentoring and on-the-job training (i.e., internships, apprenticeships and service-learning projects).

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Future Training Locations:
Cross Assembly of God Church
3363 Midway Road
Decatur, GA 30032



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[x_icon type=”cloud-download”] Download Information

If you or someone you know is interested in attending NSPIE University or would like more information, please download and share our College Town flyer.
Toolkit for Students
Toolkit for Employers
Toolkit for Grantors

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[x_icon type=”check-square-o”] Enrollment Survey

Begin enrollment by helping us understand your age, status, learning and achievement goals.
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[x_icon type=”pencil”] Student Application

Submit your completed enrollment survey so a NSPIE University admissions specialist can contact you to review your application.
Survey & Application

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[x_icon type=”hourglass-half”] Check Application Status

Send us a quick note to let us know you have submitted your enrollment survey and would like to know its status.
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Operation Restoration is the pre-apprenticeship training program for NSPIE University.
It is included  as part of the NSPIE University curriculum but you can participate in it as a separate training activity.
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Customized Learning With
On-The-Job Training


NSPIE University helps businesses strengthen their workforce and improve their bottom line by providing online learning solutions for workers with limited STEM++, literacy and social skills.

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How To Manage Tuition Costs


Pay by debit or credit card to begin your NSPIE University experience.

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Secure digital badge sponsorships through your own social networks and keep 30% of the funds you raise.

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Request grants from NEXT Steps Partners In Education members that have sponsored digital badges.

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We’ll help you secure a mentor and paid apprenticeship with a local business as part of your training.

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NSPIE University Tuition Rates

Tuition for the NSPIE University leadership training program is $1,760 per month per student and is typically sponsored by a local for-profit business or nonprofit organization. Participation requires a $250 registration fee.

  • We offer three flexible 8-16 week training sessions that typically begin in August and end in May the following year.
  • Students earn industry-recognized stackable micro-credentials that verify up to 68 employable skills through our Digital Badge & Skillcoin Rewards System™.
  • The information provided below reflects our customizable curriculum options, training dates, and skill-building activities.

[x_icon type=”clock-o”] TRAINING SESSIONS

Session I: August – December (16 weeks)
Session II: January – May (16 weeks)
Session III: June – July (8 weeks)


[x_icon type=”users”] JEM TEAM ACTIVITIES

Community Connections Planning Meetings
Investor/Mentor Meetups
Fab Lab Game Zones
Corporate Kid Workshops
STEM++ Resume Training Sessions
Financial Portfolio Training Sessions


[x_icon type=”cubes”] CAREER & TECHNICAL EDUCATION

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
Architecture & Construction
Arts, A/V Technologies & Communications
Business Management & Administration
Education & Training
Government & Public Administration
Health Science
Hospitality & Tourism
Human Services
Information Technology
Law, Public Safety, Corrections, & Security
STEM++ Industries
Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

[x_icon type=”heart”] SERVICE-LEARNING PROJECTS

Civic Leadership
Health & Wellness
Agricultural Technologies & Urban Design
Operation Restoration Pre-Apprenticeships
Social Entrepreneurship
Environmental Stewardship


[x_icon type=”apple”] CORE COURSES & ELECTIVES

English Language Arts
World Languages
Fine Arts


[x_icon type=”rocket”] ADULT EDUCATION

Remedial/developmental programs
Adult Basic Education (ABE)
Adult Secondary Education (ASE)
Adult High School (AHS)
English language acquisition
High School Equivalency (HSE) Test Prep

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Enrollment Requirements

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Enrollment Survey

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Status Reminder

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  1. NSPIE University

    Our goal is to raise between $297,000 - $565,000 to hire part-time and full-time staff and train 150 students using our NSPIE University online learning management and Digital Badge & Skillcoin Rewards Micro-Credentialing Systems for a 12-month operation.
    $0.00 donated of $565,000.00 goal

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Submit your monthly or weekly tuition payments and donations by clicking the DONATE button above.

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Provide your name and email address to receive updates and notifications regarding our JEM Team service-learning projects, Community Connections volunteer opportunities, and our Corporate Kid special events and activities..
We hate spam too so your email address will NEVER be sold or shared with anyone else.

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Explore A
STEM++ Career Pathway

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Film & Digital Media
Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security
Hospitality & Tourism
Green Technologies
Health Science
Human Services
Transportation, Distribution & Logistics
Information Technology
STEM++ Industries
Government & Public Admin


Make a donation today to sponsor the digital badge collection for your STEM++ industry.

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