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“OPERATION RESTORATION” Digital Badge & Skillcoin Rewards System

All opportunities posted to the STEM++ Direct Job Board:

  • Will provide work-based and service learning opportunities that are sponsored by and directly related to a Digital Badge Collection
  • Will Involve participation by at least two Junior Executive Management (JEM) Team members
  • Will allow a Junior Exective Management (JEM) Team to produce a digital media product, coordinate an investor/mentor meetup, host a community service activity, and/or conduct a business presentation for a product, service or solution they created, discovered or supports.
  • Will NEVER force or try to persuade JEM Team interns to represent or adopt a political or religious point of view or belief system.

The jobs listed are only available to members of Junior Executive Management (JEM) Teams that have current NEXT Steps Partners In Education Student Memberships.

A Partners In Education Business Membership is required to post jobs on the STEM++ Direct Job Board.

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The STEM++ Direct Job Board is comprised of work- based and service-learning opportunities that provide our Junior Executive Management Teams with skills required by today’s high-demand STEM++ career pathways.

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