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Arts, A/V & Communications Collection

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Sponsorship of this digital badge collection will provide Junior Executive Management (JEM) Teams with the following STEM++ skills, capabilities & experiences within the Arts, A/V Technology & Communications industry when they:

    1. Effective Communicator Task Badge ($30) – Utilize industry terminology to explain how safety, basic equipment, script writing, production teams, production and programming, lighting, recording and editing, studio production, and professional ethics were used to produce deliverables for their Operation Restoration service-learning project.
    2. Speaker Program Project Badge ($20) – Present their storyboard creation, the physics and anatomy of motion, technology of animation, properties and use of color, cameras and lighting, fundamentals of modeling and animating, creating a portfolio and file management at their Investor/Mentor Meetup.
    3. Operations Project Badge ($20) – Demonstrate the processes involved in the technologies of printing, publishing, packaging, or electronic imaging of their marketing materials for their service-learning project.
    4. Art, A/V Technologies & Communications Skills Badge ($40) – Explain any advanced camera techniques, audio production, scriptwriting, producing, directing, editing, employability skills, and development of a digital portfolio to include resume’, references, and production samples they used in creating their original media content
    5. Family & Peer Network Leadership Badge ($50) – Demonstrate how they used the basics of Game and APP design: human and animal animations, aesthetic and technical aspects of animation of characters, analysis of the physics and physicalization of action, weight, and timing to create and illustrate their super hero characters for Operation Restoration.
    6. Time Management Task Badge ($30) – Explain the activities they used during the processes of post-production and work (both independently and in small production teams) to manage the production pipeline for a 3-D model of their College Town mapping or Operation Restoration service-learning project.

Digital Badge Sponsorship Allocations:
30% – $57.00 Student stipend to “pay themselves”
40% – $76.00 Service-learning project fund donation to “reinvest in their business”
30% – $57.00 NEXT Steps donation to sustain program operations

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  4. A description of your mission (service goal) and how you used the STEM++ skills of this digital badge to achieve it.
  5. Links and/or attachments to documents, videos, photos, audio clips, blog posts, news articles, social media content, etc. that show you implementing action items to complete your service goals.
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