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Sponsorship of this collection will help JEM Teams:

  • Create a personal finance plan to include one or more of the following: sources of income, budgeting, banking, consumer credit, credit laws and rights, personal bankruptcy, insurance, spending, taxes, investment strategies, savings accounts, mutual funds and the stock market, buying a vehicle, and living independently
  • Describe the basic characteristics of the marketplace and the free enterprise system and identify various forms of income to explain trends in the workplace (e.g., flexible schedules, job rotation, job sharing, permanent part-time employment, contract work) and factors that affect income as a part of the career decision-making process.
  • Analyze how career choice, education, skills, and economic conditions affect income and then compute gross pay, payroll deductions and net pay and prepare U.S. individual federal income tax return Forms 1040EZ and 1040A for careers in your STEM++ pathway.
  • Explain the return on investment (ROI) and social return on investment (SROI) of the time and cost associated with the education, training, and skill development of a desired career pathway and then analyze checking accounts and other banking services to explain how financial institutions channel funds from savers to investors.
  • Analyze financial reports, personal and business insurance products, and risks faced by individuals and businesses (choice of credit, the cost of credit, and the legal aspects of using credit) to predict growth rates and return on investment to produce financial growth strategies for your College Town service-learning project.
  • Demonstrate how to make decisions about planning, organizing, and allocating resources for their College Town service-learning project by using financial statements, payroll, and other accounting procedures.

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