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Sponsorship of this digital badge collection allows students to form or join Junior Executive Management (JEM) Teams and serve in the following leadership positions for their Operation Restoration service-learning project:

    1. General Manager – Provides direction for entire team operation
    2. Network Services Director – Manages relationships of all service providers for the team
    3. Finance Director – Manages all financial transactions and activities for the team
    4. Team Operations Director – Services the needs of all team members
    5. Workshops & Special Events – Serves as lead coordinator for all team activities and events
    6. Communications & Distribution – Develops and manages all external communication channels and messaging for the team

Digital Badge Sponsorship Allocations:
30% – $90.00 Student stipend to “pay themselves”
40% – $120.00 Service-learning project fund donation to “reinvest in their business”
30% – $90.00 NEXT Steps donation to sustain program operations

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Use our Digital Badge & Skillcoin Rewards™ Gaming System
to raise funds, increase your STEM++ skills, and promote your service-learning projects.

Find An Opportunity
Identify a service area that has socio-economic conditions that are negatively impacting your College Town community.


Plan & Investigate
Use the service goals and digital badge collections of a STEM++ Pathway to develop and execute a plan of action.


Draw A Conclusion
Select or create a service-learning project to develop possible solutions to reduce, eliminate or improve the socio-economic condition.


Present Findings
Earn digital badges & Skillcoin Rewards when you present digital media content, innovative ideas and inventions you created.


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Submission Form

Submit proof of your work to collect digital badges & earn Skillcoin Rewards™ Digital badges must be sponsored in order to receive Skillcoin Rewards™

In the space below, provide:
  1. Your name, age, grade, and the name of your school or community group
  2. The name of your JEM Team and the role you play on it (if applicable)
  3. The name of your College Town Service-Learning Project and a brief description of the affected area.
  4. A description of your mission (service goal) and how you used the STEM++ skills of this digital badge to achieve it.
  5. Links and/or attachments to documents, videos, photos, audio clips, blog posts, news articles, social media content, etc. that show you implementing action items to complete your service goals.
Submission Form