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Gain experiences with selecting appropriate communication formats to facilitate the flow of ideas and information among government, public administration, the business community, the general public and members of College Town during an emergency.

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    Service Goal #1

    Analyze the potential effect of extreme emergencies and disasters on infrastructures, including but not limited to: transportation, electrical service, telephone communication, fuel, food, water, shelter, and emergency services and identify potentially hazardous conditions in the various types of structures and their contents during a disaster.

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    Service Goal #2

    Evaluate the steps to reduce the risk of damage from hazards that threaten your area and then demonstrate preparing the home, school, workplace, and community in advance to minimize disaster repercussions, including but not limited to: assembling a disaster supply kit, developing a disaster plan, and designating a safe room.

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    Service Goal #3

    Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of coordinating various plans and strategies among local, state, and federal government response organizations by explaining the  roles and responsibilities of government agencies, non-government organizations, and individual citizens in homeland security.

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    Service Goal #4

    Create a collaborative emergency exercise plan that includes first aid, fire science, hazardous materials, emergency prevention and preparedness that will enhance your College Town community’s ability to respond to emergencies or a simulated disaster.

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    Service Goal #5

    Create a collaborative emergency exercise that involves an Emergency Services operation involving triage/mass casualty, extrication of victims in complex access situations, and additional basic skills most commonly associated with the entry level career title of First Responder.

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    Service Goal #6

    Integrate the importance of the identification, collection, and processing of evidence and of its contribution to the criminal investigation into your collaborate emergency exercises.



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