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Gain experiences in building linkages in IT Occupations Framework for entry level, technical, and professional careers related to the design, development, support and management of hardware, software, multimedia, and systems integration services.

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    Service Goal #1

    Identify hardware device functions, including peripherals devices, input devices, and portable hardware appropriate for specific tasks and emerging hardware as it impacts information technology.

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    Service Goal #2

    Describe trends in emerging, evolving, and future computer technologies and their influence on IT practices (mobile technology, computing tablets, cloud computing.)

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    Service Goal #3

    Develop a working networking vocabulary including networking media, topologies, network operating systems, models and protocols, codes and standards, addressing, diagnostics, routing, WAN services, network security networking software, tools, and equipment.

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    Service Goal #4

    Apply strategies for identifying routine hardware and software problems current to everyday life and identify compatibility issues and describe operational problems caused by hardware errors.

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    Service Goal #5

    Understand and apply design principles to create professional appearing and functioning web pages using the elements of web design (HTML, CSS, responsive design, site usability, relation of site to business, story the site reveals about the business)

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    Service Goal #6

    Design simple webpages incorporating media elements (e.g., sound, video, graphics, text, motion graphics), navigation, and linking.



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