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Marketing Digital Badge

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Gain an understanding of the functions of marketing,  how these functional areas affect all businesses, and how marketing satisfies consumer and business needs and wants for products and services.

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    Service Goal #1

    Presentation of information, findings, and supporting evidence through a line of reasoning that demonstrates current level of organization, development, substance, and style that is appropriate to purpose, audience, and task.

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    Service Goal #2

    Development of skills in pricing, visual merchandising, advertising, special promotions, professional sales, and customer service.

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    Service Goal #3

    Recognizing a business opportunity, starting a business based on the recognized opportunity, and operating and maintaining that business

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    Service Goal #4

    Development of skills in applying economic concepts to marketing, distribution and logistics, marketing information management, finance in marketing, product/service planning, pricing mixes, promotional strategies, and personal selling.

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    Service Goal #5

    Introduction to the major segments of the Sports and Entertainment Industry and the social and economic impact it has on the local, state, national, and global economies

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    Service Goal #6

    Utilizing current technology, the Internet, interesting digital media (e.g., textual, graphical, audio, visual, and interactive elements), and software packages to develop a tour package and marketing plan for a selected niche market that incorporates appropriate promotional and pricing strategies, thus ensuring business profitability.



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