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The Architecture & Construction digital badge creates competencies in designing or creating plans for new structures to build them or manage workers on the project. It also includes skilled trades like carpentry, painting, plumbing,electrical work or even landscaping to take care of flowers and trees on large properties.

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STEM++ Career Pathways:

  • Design and Pre-Construction
  • Construction
  • Maintenance
  • Operation

Career Cluster II Program Badge
$3 Skillcoin Rewards

Demonstrate drafting techniques by using hand drawings or computer-aided drafting and design software along with the common terminology used within the carpentry, masonry, plumbing, electrical and HVAC industries.

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Operations Task Badge
$6 Skillcoin Rewards

Interview a collision repair and automotive refinish specialist located within your College Town to explain how they implement safety, refinishing, metal repair, plastic repair, automotive construction, and estimate reading and writing.

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Products & Services I Project Badge
$6 Skillcoin Rewards

Conduct a community assessment of your College Town community where emphasis is placed on house designs, floor plans, roof designs, elevations (interior and exterior), schedules, and foundations

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Help Task Badge
$9 Skillcoin Rewards

Explain how electrical systems including series, parallel, and series-parallel circuits work within a facility located in your College Town community.

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Products & Services II Project Badge
$6 Skillcoin Rewards

Conduct a community assessment of your College Town for new, existing, historical and refurbishing projects where emphasis is placed on schedules, plumbing, HVAC Systems (heating and air, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration), electrical systems, graphic presentations, plot/site plans, specifications, and building estimations.

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Architecture Skills Badge
$12 Skillcoin Rewards

Demonstrate how to safely operate hand tools, power tools, and equipment used in mixing mortar;  cutting, laying, and finishing masonry units; and calculating distances, areas, and volumes common in masonry work.

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    To earn your digital badges & Skillcoin Rewards™, use this submission form to provide the following information:
    1. Your first, middle initial, last name and age.
    2. The name of your school, community group, grade, course and instructor, group leader, mentor and/or sponsor.
    3. The name of your JEM Team and the role you play on it (if applicable).
    4. The name and address of your College Town project site.
    5. The name of your Operation Restoration service-learning project and a brief description of how your service goal(s) will positively impact your College Town project site.
    6. A detailed description of how you used your STEM++ skills to achieve your service goal(s).


    Best completed when you interview or demonstrate engagement with a STEM++ career professional in the following career pathways:
    1. Design-Build – Projects that integrate a delivery system used in the construction industry.
    2. Pre-Construction – Projects that integrate services used in planning a construction project before the actual construction begins.
    3. Construction (General) – Projects that integrate clearing, dredging, excavating, and grading of land and other activity associated with buildings, structures, or other types of real property such as bridges, dams, and roads.
    4. Maintenance/Operations – Projects that assist in the construction or renovation of buildings, general maintenance and upkeep of plumbing, heating, air conditioning, electrical and other systems, minor repairs to machinery or other equipment, and general maintenance of grounds or lawns.

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