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Government & Public Policy Administration
Digital Badge Collection

Put the following digital badges into play! 


Find An Opportunity
Identify a service area that has socio-economic conditions that are negatively impacting your College Town community.


Plan & Investigate
Use the service goals and digital badge collections of this STEM++ Pathway to develop and execute a plan of action.


Draw A Conclusion
Select or create a service-learning project to develop possible solutions to reduce, improve or eliminate the socio-economic condition.


Present Findings
Earn digital badges & Skillcoin Rewards when you present your solutions to members of your College Town community.



STEM++ Career Pathways:

  • Design and Pre-Construction
  • Construction
  • Maintenance
  • Operation
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All digital badge sponsorships allocate the following in Skillcoin Rewards™:
30% – Student Stipends
40% – Project Fund
30% – NEXT Steps HQs

Competitive Advantage Program Badge
$6 Skillcoin Rewards

Outline the essential characteristics, competitive advantages and life cycle of the aviation and drone technology industries.

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Sponsor This Badge – $20

Community Ecosystem Leadership Badge
$15 Skillcoin Rewards

Utilize the current socio-economic conditions of their communities to examine the issues and policies concerning poverty, health disparities, food deserts, domestic terrorism and environmental hazards caused by natural phenomena.

Earn This Badge

Sponsor This Badge – $50

Contributions Task Badge
$9 Skillcoin Rewards

Classify the roles, functions of, and interdependency between local, federal and international law enforcement, intelligence and military agencies that use drone technology.

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Sponsor This Badge – $30

Government & Public Policy Skills Badge
$12 Skillcoin Rewards

Employ drone technology and their technical STEM++ skillsets to conduct general and critical research, writing and case management to create solutions that address, reduce and/or eliminate socio-economic conditions negatively impacting their communities.

Earn This Badge

Sponsor This Badge – $40

Operations Project Badge
$6 Skillcoin Rewards

Develop effective strategies to generate information necessary for intelligence and Law Enforcement organization agency heads to make timely, effective and efficient decisions on the directions and methods of Homeland Security and emergency response policies and operations.

Earn This Badge

Sponsor This Badge – $20

Effective Communicator Task Badge
$9 Skillcoin Rewards

Demonstrate proficiency in communication, problem-solving, and team building skills and justify the ethical standards needed for careers in this industry.

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Sponsor This Badge – $30


Click each service goal below to view the current list of service-learning projects offered through our Partners In Education Network.

    1. Governance – Projects that integrate an establishment of policies, and continuous monitoring of their proper implementation, by the members of the governing body of an organization
    2. National Security – Projects that show how a government, along with its parliaments, should protect the state and its citizens against all kind of “national” crises through a variety of power projections, such as political power, diplomacy, economic power, military might, and so on.
    3. Foreign Service – Projects that demonstrate how a commissioned operation of the United States Foreign Service Agency’s officers, along with other U.S. diplomats, formulate and implement the foreign policy of the United States.
    4. Planning – Projects that integrate the preparation of a long-term financial plan, prepared concurrently with the strategic plan that assesses the long-term financial implications of current and proposed policies, programs, and assumptions.
    5. Revenue & Taxation – Projects that demonstrate how income is gained by governments through taxation
    6. Regulation – Projects that integrate rules based on and meant to carry out a specific piece of legislation and are enforced usually by a regulatory agency formed or mandated to carry out the purpose or provisions of a legislation
    7. Public Management & Administration – Projects that implementat government policy and prepares civil servants for working in the public service industry


    To earn your digital badges & Skillcoin Rewards™, use this submission form to provide the following information:
    1. Your first, middle initial, last name and age.
    2. The name of your school, community group, grade, course and instructor, group leader, mentor and/or sponsor.
    3. The name of your JEM Team and the role you play on it (if applicable).
    4. The name and address of your College Town project site.
    5. The name of your Operation Restoration service-learning project and a brief description of how your service goal(s) will positively impact your College Town project site.
    6. A detailed description of how you used your STEM++ skills to achieve your service goal(s).

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