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Health Sciences
Digital Badge Collection

Put the following digital badges into play! 


Find An Opportunity
Identify a service area that has socio-economic conditions that are negatively impacting your College Town community.


Plan & Investigate
Use the service goals and digital badge collections of this STEM++ Pathway to develop and execute a plan of action.


Draw A Conclusion
Select or create a service-learning project to develop possible solutions to reduce, improve or eliminate the socio-economic condition.


Present Findings
Earn digital badges & Skillcoin Rewards™ when you present your solutions to members of your College Town community.



STEM++ Career Pathways:

  • Biotechnology Research and Development
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Health Informatics
  • Support Services
  • Therapeutic Services
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All digital badge sponsorships allocate the following in Skillcoin Rewards™:
30% – Student Stipends
40% – Project Fund
30% – NEXT Steps HQs

Workplace Task Badge
$9 Skillcoin Rewards™

Describe how various healthcare roles fit into the office/department, the organization and the overall health care environment.

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Sponsor This Badge – $30

Health Sciences Skills Badge
$12 Skillcoin Rewards™

Demonstrate an understanding of the basic legal responsibilities of healthcare workers in regards to torts, malpractice, and negligence, invasion of privacy, privileged communication, patient/client confidentiality, and informed consent.

Earn This Badge

Sponsor This Badge – $40

CTE Career Cluster II Program Badge
$3 Skillcoin Rewards™

Develop a career plan that compares therapeutic, diagnostic, health informatics, environmental support, and biotechnology research and development career pathways.

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Sponsor This Badge – $10

Operations Project Badge
$6 Skillcoin Rewards™

Analyze the healthcare delivery system (public, private, government, and nonprofit), describe the responsibilities of consumers within the healthcare system, and explain how to engage patients and families in their own healthcare.

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Sponsor This Badge – $20

Community Ecosystem Leadership Badge
$15 Skillcoin Rewards™

Evaluate the impact of diversity and ethics on healthcare delivery to demonstrate respectful and empathetic treatment of ALL patients/clients (patient/customer service).

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Sponsor This Badge – $50

Family & Peer Network Leadership Badge
$15 Skillcoin Rewards™

Identify and demonstrate the various methods of providing and obtaining information from patients, family members, other agencies, and other members of the healthcare team.

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Sponsor This Badge – $50


Click each service goal below to view the current list of service-learning projects offered through our Partners In Education Network.

    1. Therapeutic Services – Projects focused primarily on changing the health status of patients over time through direct care, treatment, counseling, or health education information.
    2. Diagnostic Services – Projects related to the tests and evaluations that aid in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, injuries or other physical conditions.
    3. Health Informatics – Projects that show all aspects of managing health care agencies, patient data and information, financial information, and computer applications related to health care processes and procedures with limited interaction with patients.
    4. Support Services – Projects that interact with patients or the public to provide a therapeutic environment for the delivery of health care and includes technical and professional careers.
    5. Biotechnology Research & Development – Projects that study diseases to discover new treatments or invent medical devices used to directly assist patients or to improve the accuracy of diagnostic tests.


    To earn your digital badges & Skillcoin Rewards™, use this submission form to provide the following information:
    1. Your first, middle initial, last name and age.
    2. The name of your school, community group, grade, course and instructor, group leader, mentor and/or sponsor.
    3. The name of your JEM Team and the role you play on it (if applicable).
    4. The name and address of your College Town project site.
    5. The name of your Operation Restoration service-learning project and a brief description of how your service goal(s) will positively impact your College Town project site.
    6. A detailed description of how you used your STEM++ skills to achieve your service goal(s).

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