FEEDBACK | 4 Feedback Skills You Need To Learn (Skill #23)

4 Skills You Need To Learn To Give & Receive Constructive Criticism

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Welcome to the 60 Skills In 60 Days Community On Demand™ Kickstarter Challenge. With this challenge, we’re going to create 60 videos in 60 days about the employability skills featured in the Community On Demand™ card game. Our goal is to raise $5,000 so we can gift 100 Community On-Demand™ Game Sets to young innovators and entrepreneurs that need a little help turning their ideas into reality.

Today’s challenge is all about four ways to strengthen your skills in giving and receive constructive feedback.

Do Better. Think BIGGER!

Knowledge Is Power

Those who know how, will always have a job.

Those who know why, will always be their boss.

Those who know what to do, determine the outcome.

The Feedback Skill Card

The Feedback employability skill card is part of the Workforce Readiness & Personal Branding achievement domain and carries an in-game currency value of ($30) thirty dollars. This Achievement domain strengthens skills in project management and job readiness so learners are prepared for life, business and career.

The Feedback employability skill card means learners are demonstrating how to give and receive constructive feedback as they complete their service-learning project(s).  Following are some videos from our Workforce Readiness playlist to provide real world insight that demonstrates four ways feedback is given and received.

Seek and Accept 

To strengthen your ability to give and receive constructive feedback, start with seeking and accepting it from the people you know like your staff, mentors and peers.  Similar to how in the move Rocky Balboa, Rocky’s son shared his opinion about his dad but Rocky turned it into an opportunity to give his son constructive feedback.

Work With Your Team

Another way to strengthen your ability to give and receive constructive feedback is to use it for team-building and build concensus with all stakeholders. Watch how the coach in the movie Facing The Giants used The Death Crawl to get the team to buy into the idea of what it really means to give and do your best.

Use Constructive Criticism

A third way to strengthen your feedback skills is to simply use them when the opportunity arises.  Juror #8 in 12 Angry Men gives the absolute best example of how to give constructive criticism to build people up and get the best results

Use Appropriate and Non-aggressive Body Language

The scene from the movie Coach Carter when a student from Coach Carter’s basketball team recited an excerpt from the poem ‘Our Deepest Fear’ by Marianne Williamson demonstrates the best example of effective, non-aggressive and meaningful feedback to clearly communicate your points of view.

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The Game Set

Community On Demand™ is an awesome card game that uses 63 skill cards to help you map out the skills you need to get things done.  The game set includes:


Five Achievement Domains

Community On Demand™ was created by Dana Jewel Harris and designed to be a thinking game. It uses these five achievement domains to give you a fun and rewarding way to solve problems during any project or activity that you’re working on so when trouble comes and challenges arise Community On Demand™ can help you quickly assess which skills you have understand which skills you need thoroughly think through the situation and then map out a plan of action to fix it yourself making you your own hero.

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eGfit card sponsorships help strengthen a learner’s financial literacy by helping them understand how to allocate donated funds into designated spending pools.  eGfit card sponsorships help fund the Impact Projects and work-based learning experiences of each learner that plays the Advanced & Ultimate Team Play levels of Community On Demand™.  eGift Card sponsorships are also used to increase the financial literacy of each learner as recipients of eGift card sponsorships must allocate and use the funds according to the Skillcoin Rewards Allocation Chart below:


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