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Community & Distributions Director Leadership Digital Badge Collection
Earn this digital badge by serving as a brand manager of all communications and builds external relationships with constituencies, funders and the media.
Populate the Communications section of your CIGS Model
Manage all communications, plans and activities
Promote the activities and progress of your JEM Team’s service-learning project
Provide progress reports of your JEM Team’s activities

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Proof Of Work Submission Form

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Proof of Work
Use this submission form to provide an explanation of WHY you chose to complete one or more of the service goals listed above. Include in your explanation:

  • Dates, times and locations
  • The problem you are addressing
  • The people, places or things that are impacted by this problem
  • Your idea or solution and why you think it will, did or did not work
  • The outcome of your actions
  • Digital proof of your work

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