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Career Awareness & Exploration
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Skills Self-Assessments & Career Mapping

Five Activities
Every Learner Should Do To Build Their Career

The skill cards in the Career Awareness and Exploration achievement domain help learners quickly define, measure, build and name the skills they have and use by teaching them how to:
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Lydia Glaize, United Way Bridge Program

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United Way @ Banneker High School

Community  On Demand™ was introduced to Lydia Glaize (United Way of Greater Atlanta),  and Tonya Eaton (Fulton County Schools CTAE) by Subrenia Willis of Flavor House Track & Field Program in East Point, GA.  All three ladies are advocates for youth entrepreneurship, health and skills development. Ms. Glaize hired NEXT Steps to conduct a skills self-assessment with students participating in the Bridges program.  The experience resulted in the students connecting their current entrepreneurial ventures with the skills and opportunities presented by the construction and engineering trades. 

Georgia Trade Up & The NEXT Steps Youth Entrepreneur Program skills assessment & development sessions with students participating in the Bridge pre-apprenticeship program by Lydia Glaize (United Way) and Tonya Eaton (Fulton County Schools CTAE)

The United Way’s “Bridge” pre-apprenticeship program, facilitated by Fulton County Schools (FCS) Career, Technical and Agriculture Education (CTAE) Work-Based Learning staff, provides access to skilled trades and develops a talent pipeline of 12th grade students eligible for apprenticeships offered by labor unions. It bridges the gap between high school students and careers within the international building trades and construction industry.

The district originally piloted the pre-apprenticeship program during the 2018-19 school year. Program partners include United Way of Greater Atlanta, Georgia Trade-Up, and the CTAE Work-Based Learning program, including Banneker High School and Fulton Schools College and Career Academy (FSCCA). The program was designed to provide a seamless transition from high school into a paid apprenticeship, which could lead to a sustainable job post-graduation. Post-program participants have the opportunity to work locally or globally.

Approximately ten juniors and seniors will learn hands-on skills for four weeks and receive a stipend for attending every Saturday session. They will take a test at the end of the program to measure their skills.

“Our goal in Work-Based Learning is to increase access to apprenticeship opportunities for students that connects classroom learning to real job experiences,” said Tonya Eaton, FCS Work-Based Learning administrator and United Way South Fulton Advisory Board member. “The program empowers them with employability skills to enter the workforce prepared for a successful career.”

CTAE Director Dustin Davis-Austin adds, “The building trades represent a segment of high-wage, high-skill, in-demand jobs for our future graduates. We are excited to partner with United Way to help our students learn the skills they need to be successful in an apprenticeship program after high school.”

The program officially re-launched on February 26, 2022.

“The re-launch of the program is an important partnership between public, private and non-profit sectors,” said Community Engagements/Labor Liaison of United Way Greater Atlanta Lydia Glaize. “It gives our students access to career pathways in the construction and building industry by way of apprenticeship programs. Our direct support now will transform their trajectory in life.”


Mrs. Hinchberger Paulding County, GA Middle School CTE STEM Certified Teacher
6-8th Grade

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Meet Mrs. Hinchberger, Paulding County GA Middle School Teacher

Mrs. Lee Ann Hinchberger was the very first middle school teacher to test Community On Demand™ in her class throughout the year. 

Watch how she successfully integrated Community On Demand™ into her curriculum. 

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"Community On Demand™ is the best curriculum I think I’ve ever been involved with, and I sure hope you embrace it like I do."
LeeAnn Hinchberger
6th-8th Grade Teacher | Dobbins Middle School
Paulding County School District

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