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STEAM Career Clusters & Pathways
Achievement Domain

Intro to US Industries & Career-Building Opportunities

How Many Industries
Can You Impact With Your Current Skillset?

The skill cards in the STEAM Career Clusters & Pathways achievement domain introduces learners to the skills required for successful careers within the 18 key industries that drive the U.S. Economy.

These skills are taught in all U.S. elementary, middle and high schools and through Career & Technical Education (CTE) curriculum and Career & Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs)
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18 Skill Cards
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Georgia AgriTeen Network


To expose students in careers in agriculture and give them hands-on experience training them in leadership skills that will prepare them for the future in agriculture.


To provide vital opportunities for high students and their communities so to equip them for tomorrow while engaging them in today. To make investments within society that will help move the United States of America toward an authentic and sustainable future.

2020-2021 AgriTeens JEM Team Graduates

Congratulations to our 2020 – 2021 Graduates, Agriteens and Jr. Executive Management Teams from Mundy Mill High School, Greater Atlanta Adventist Academy, Berean Christian Junior Academy and teens located throughout the state of Georgia. Each of them completed the JEM Team Leadership Development Workshop and used the Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs to strengthen their knowledge, enhance their STEAM skills and create exciting career and business opportunities in Agribusiness, Agritech and Agritourism during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Erich Thomas
PCX Community On Demand™ Play Test

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Pharoah's Conclave (PCX)

Dr. Jakita Thomas and her husband Erich are reframing esports education for underserved communities. 

Their goal is to prepare and place 500 Black and Brown youth nationally in esports career opportunities over the next two years through our online skills-building platform, league, and our apprenticeship program. They have already prepared and placed more than 70 Black and Brown youth in the state of Georgia alone, so they are well on their way!

Pharaoh’s Conclave (PCX) prepares K-16 youth for eSports careers through our online learning platform, LVL UP Academy, our Youth eSports League (YeL) and our eSports Career Apprenticeship Program (eSCApe). Similar to professional sports, there are a range of careers in the competitive video gaming industry in addition to being a professional player/gamer (e.g. shoutcaster, coach, tournament organizer and game designer).

eSports is a $1.5 billion industry with a viewership that exceeds the NBA Finals, the Super Bowl, and the World Series COMBINED, however, K-16 youth do not know the career opportunities that exist in eSports. More importantly, they do not know how to prepare for those careers. PCX creates opportunities for K-16 youth to compete, build skills and prepare for the broad variety of careers in eSports using industry tools, mentors, teachers, coaches and other professionals to build their networks in the eSports industry.

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August 2020. Paulding County, GA becomes the first school district to integrate Community On Demand™ into their 4-Year Perkins V Funded Career, Technical and Agricultural (CTAE) Employability Skills Development Strategy for all 6th-8th grades.

Marores Perry
Director of Career, Technical & Agriculture Education
Paulding County School District
Paulding County, GA

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