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Workforce Readiness & Personal Branding
Achievement Domain

Readiness for College, Career, Business & Community Reinvestment

How Prepared
Are You For Today's Job Market Right Now?

The skill cards in the Workforce Readiness & Personal Branding achievement domain helps learners quickly determine their level of readiness for today's job market.

Learners are introduced to the tasks, skills and activities needed to successfully demonstrate readiness for college, career, business and community reinvestment.
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Mike Ross
NAPA Automotive Training Program

Play Dates.
NAPA Automotive Training @
City of Refuge

Veterans Molding Minds used Community  On Demand™ to help their adult learners identify which transferable skills they could bring to the automotive industry. 

Through this Community On Demand™ skills self-assessment activity, all students were shocked to learn that they had more skills than they originally thought and expressed how they instantly felt more confident in their capabilities now that they know what their skills are. 

Train-The-Trainer @
City of Refuge

Veterans Molding Minds used Community  On Demand™ to introduce retired veterans to entrepreneurship as civilians.

Through this Train-The-Trainer workshop, Corey Thomas is going over the STEAM Investigative Process and how it is based on the skills NEXT Steps’ Founder, Dana Jewel Harris, learned in the U.S. Army Reserves as a Logistics Specialist. 


Corey Thomas
Train-The-Trainer Workshop

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Through partnerships with City of Refuge (Innovation Hub), StratiPlan, MD Ross Consulting, The NEXT Steps Youth Entrepreneur Program Small Business Incubator, Grove Park Foundation, and NAPA, Veterans Molding Minds is able to offer positive reciprocal relationships while positively impacting our community.
Corey Thomas, Retired U.S. Army Veteran
CEO, Stratiplan
Executive Director, Veterans Molding Minds (nonprofit)

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