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Fall In Love With The Process

We currently offer guided habitat tours, skill development workshops, and farm-to-table dining experiences for visitors seeking nature-based getaways, relaxation, and authentic experiences. Future plans include development of cozy cabins and designated camp sites, a training center and meeting space, as well as a building for multi-use, bed-and-breakfast accommodations for event and overnight guests.

Discovery Experiences

Experience the farm to fork magic at The Smith Family Ranch, where every bite tells a story of fresh, locally sourced ingredients straight from our fields to your table.


Farm-To-Feast Civic Dinners

Embark on a nature lover’s dream with 7 miles of scenic trails and indulge in the ultimate outdoor experience with our cozy overnight glamping retreats.


Overnight Glamping

Local chefs are invited to host cooking demonstrations where they use fresh produce from the ranch, showcase farm-to-table culinary experiences, and educate visitors on sustainable cooking.


Culinary Workshops

Join our Healthy Diets Healthy Meals Foodie Club, where guests bring their own baskets of home grown goodies and come together to create delightful, nutritious meals in a fun and collaborative cooking experience.


Healthy Diet
Healthy Meals

We unveil the journey from soil to supper as we unravel the key steps for growing, harvesting, processing, distributing, and ultimately preparing fresh produce and food products for consumption directly from the source.


From Soil To Supper

Discovery Themes

Civic Dinners

Civic dinners are conversations between students, parents, residents, mentors, community leaders, nonprofits, business owners and community stakeholders that make up a community of practice.

Farm-To-Feast Civic Dinners

12 Permaculture Principles

Immerse yourself in our monthly permaculture themed Farm to Feast dining experiences where each event showcases carefully curated appetizers, a delectable main course, delightful desserts, and thought-provoking conversations that drive collective understanding of local food systems, sustainability, and community needs, culminating in actionable strategies for positive change within our shared ecosystem.

A special guest speaker will be invited to lead the conversation.

The 12 Permaculture Themes
January – Observe and Interact
February – Catch and Store Energy
March – Obtain a Yield
April – Apply Self-Regulation and Accept Feedback
May – Use and Value Renewable Resources and Services
June – Produce No Waste
July – Design from Patterns to Details
August – Integrate Rather than Segregate
September – Use Small and Slow Solutions
October – Use and Value Diversity
November – Use Edges and Value the Marginal
December – Creatively Use and Respond to Change

Limit: 40 guests

Time: 5:30 – 8:00pm

5:30pm: social (drinks, appetizers, music)

6:00pm: farm tour (optional)

6:30pm: dinner and program

Price: $40-$150/ticket

Meal: Each meal will be beautifully prepared by a guest chef and local restaurant, and will include seasonal produce gathered directly from local gardens. The main course will be paired with a wine from a locally sourced orchard. 


A unique experience where guests can indulge in luxury camping amidst nature while savoring delicious farm-fresh meals directly from the fields to their forks.

Farm, Fork & Feather

Glamping Farm To Table Retreat (2 Day)

Glamping, short for glamorous camping, refers to a luxurious and comfortable style of camping that blends the outdoor experience with modern amenities and comforts that are typically found in upscale accommodations.  It often including spacious tents, cozy furnishings, electricity, proper beds, and private bathrooms so individuals can connect with nature without sacrificing luxury.

Experience a lavish two-night stay and enjoy two adventure-packed days (either Thursday to Saturday or Friday to Sunday, depending on the retreat) when we turn our regular campsite into an upscale farm to table glampsite —  complete with pre-set tents, fully stocked coolers, and private, pristine restrooms.

Registration: Announced

Glamping Sites can be customized to include the following:

4 two-person sleeping tents
4 shade canopies (8 ft. x 8 ft.)
8 sleeping cots
2 camping tables
8 camping chairs
Outdoor carpet
Solar lanterns
Charging station
Beverage cooler and ice
Coffee and water
Glamping VIP Toilets
Concierge services


Together, we brainstorm, design, and trial new teaching methodologies that leverage the natural surroundings of the ranch.

Sip & Sizzle

B.Y.O.B. Culinary Series

We’re not a culinary school. We just want to feel like one!  

Our B.Y.O.B. Culinary Series is a diverse range of classes that  celebrate our regional, ethnic, and skill-based cuisines. 

Collaborate with passionate, food-focused instructors dedicated to teaching engaging and informative lessons. Explore innovative dish preparations, cooking techniques, and the art of plating. Combine hands-on learning with insightful chef-led demonstrations. After each class, savor the recipes you’ve prepared!  And since this is BYOB, feel free to bring along your favorite beverages.

The culinary workshop timeline involves: 

  • An introduction and welcome
  • Overview of the workshop goals and menu
  • A safety and hygiene briefing
  • A cooking demonstration followed by hands-on cooking
  • A break for tasting, 
  • Presentation and plating, 
  • Group sharing and discussion, and 
  • Closing remarks with certificate distributio
Limit: 15 people/workshop

Time: 5:30 – 8:00pm

Price: $65-$150/ticket

Meal: Each meal will be led by a guest chef from a local restaurant and will include seasonal produce gathered directly from local gardens. The main course will be paired with a wine from a locally sourced orchard. 

Healthy Meals

With its rich tapestry of educational adventures and a focus on character development, The Smith Family Ranch is the perfect setting for scouts and outdoor programs seeking to shape resilient, responsible, and nature-loving individuals.

Healthy Diets, Healthy Meals

Garden Swap Meetup & Foodie Club

The “Healthy Diets, Healthy Meals Garden Swap Meet & Foodie Club” is a community-based group focused on promoting healthy eating habits and culinary skills through “garden swap meetups”. They create a sense of community, promotes sustainable gardening practices, and encourages a healthy lifestyle by incorporating homegrown produce into meals. 

The club will organize garden swap meetups to host cooking classes, workshops, and events where members can exchange ideas, share recipes, and learn from one another. Garden swaps typically involve an exchange of surplus produce, seeds, plants, and gardening tips to diversify their plant varieties and trade with others. At the end of the day, our goals is to share our interests in learning about nutritious diets and exploring ways to create delicious, balanced meals. 

Membership Required

STEM Direct Youth Chamber of Commerce

Only registered members of the STEM Direct Youth Chamber of Commerce can participate in the Foodie Club.

Annual Membership Levels
Students – $10
Mentors – $55
Nonprofits – $99
Businesses – $149

Participation Fees
$10 donation per member
$15 donation per guest (Limit: 2)

Required: 1 Adult for every 10 youth

Soil To Supper

Understanding the food production process is vital for informed consumer choices, sustainable practices, improved nutrition, and addressing global food challenges.

Soil To Supper

Intro To The Farm To Fork Process

Understanding the food production process is crucial for making informed choices about the food we consume. The Soil To Supper Workshop series provides insights into the journey of food, starting from its cultivation in the soil, through various stages of processing, distribution, and ultimately reaching our plates. Knowing this process allows individuals to appreciate the effort, resources, and technology involved in bringing food to our tables while enhancing our awareness of food production’s environmental impact.

Soil To Supper will also introduce students to individuals and businesses that play key roles in their local food production process.  From agriculture and animal husbandry to processing,  manufacturing and distribution through logistics, supply chain management, hospitality and the culinary sectors, students will be introduced to careers in these areas.

This series is only for participants taking the SIP Certification Course

Registration: JEM Team

STEAM Investigative Process Certification

Students: $345
Mentors: $419
Nonprofits: $467
Businesses:$ 490

Learn. Leadership Training & Business Development
Length. 8-12 Weeks
Scheduling. Certification is offered once per session

Session I: August – December
Session II: January – May
Session III: June – July

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