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The Gift of Giving

Community Cleanups

Support at any level is a great help!

We want The Smith Family Ranch to be a clean and inviting space for all. Please help us preserve and enhance the beauty of the ranch's natural surroundings so that we can continue to promote environmental responsibility and cultivate a sense of community, ownership and collaboration.

All volunteers are required to register, sign a release waiver and complete an orientation and safety briefing prior to starting any activity at the ranch.

*Some volunteer opportunities are reserved for industry professionals and/or JEM Team interns only.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Arts & Community Engagement

Organizing and hosting art exhibitions and community events; Coordinating workshops and vocational training; Volunteering during private event functions.

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Monitoring water quality parameters; feeding and managing fish populations; harvesting and processing fish; and ensuring proper aeration and circulation in ponds.

Crop Cultivation

Crop rotation to maintain soil fertility; Soil testing and amendments for optimal growth; Irrigation and water management; Pest control using integrated pest management methods; Harvesting and post-harvest handling of crops.

Animal Husbandry

Regular feeding and monitoring of animal health; Scheduled veterinary care and vaccinations; Rotational grazing to prevent overgrazing and soil erosion; Milking, if applicable, and proper dairy product management; Regular cleaning and maintenance of shelters and hutches.


Sustainable timber harvesting following best practices; Tree planting and maintenance for long-term sustainability; Maintaining firebreaks and preventing invasive species.

Walking Trails & Outdoor Recreation

Trail maintenance, including clearing vegetation and maintaining signage. Providing amenities such as benches, trash receptacles, and rest areas. Monitoring and managing trail erosion and drainage.

Sustainability and Environmental Practices

Implementing composting and organic waste management; Rainwater harvesting for irrigation and animal water sources; Implementing renewable energy solutions like solar panels; Promoting native plant species and wildlife habitat preservation.

Staffing and Management

Hiring skilled staff for various farm operations; Training employees in animal care, crop cultivation, forestry, etc; Scheduling tasks, rotations, and special events.

Marketing and Sales

Promoting agritourism experiences through social media, website, and local advertising; Offering direct sales of farm products (meat, vegetables, dairy, crafts); Collaborating with local businesses for partnerships and joint promotions.

Health and Safety

Implementing safety protocols for visitors and employees; Ensuring proper handling of equipment and animals to prevent accidents; Training staff and visitors in emergency response procedures.

Record-Keeping and Data Analysis

Maintaining records of animal health, crop yields, sales, and expenses; Analyzing data to make informed decisions for future planning.

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