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About Us

An Ecommerce Marketing Cooperative

The Pop Shop is a Marketing Cooperative that manages the ecommerce merchandising and marketing system of the STEM Direct Youth Chamber of Commerce. 

The singular role of The Pop Shop is to market, promote, monetize and distribute the products, services, digital content, innovative ideas and impact solutions created by members of our Local Contributor Networks. Throughout this process, The Pop Shop serves as a record-keeping hub to track and increase retention, purchase frequency, lifetime customer value and referrals among members of each Local Contributor Network. 

Affiliate Program

Local Contributor Network members that wish to join The Pop Shop Marketing Cooperative will enter into a merchandising and marketing agreement for the purpose of serving as a registered site for our Pop Shop Studios enhanced work-based learning program.      

By entering into a merchandising and marketing agreement, organizations will have the option to form a school-based enterprise or entrepreneurial social venture and serve as an affiliate retailer, reseller, and brand ambassador of The Pop Shop Marketing Cooperative.  Each Pop Shop Studio will also hold a license to market, sell and distribute Community On Demand™ brand products and services along with the products, services, content, innovative ideas and impact solutions created through their enhanced work-based learning experiences. 

Key Activities

The Pop Shop supports advanced game play through the following:

  • Events & Play Date Activities
  • Retail, vendor & E-commerce Marketplaces
  • STEAM Expos & Maker Spaces
  • Investor/Mentor Meetups
  • Esports Competitions
  • Pop Shop Vendor Competitions
  • Marketing Cooperative & Land Trust
  • Youth Banking & Savings Programs
  • Consultation & Business/Land Dev Fees
  • Membership & Subscription Fees
  • Participation, Activity & Service Fees
  • Merchandise & Product Sales
  • Investment Funds, Loans & Credit Lines
  • Gifts & Sponsorships
    Donations, Grants, Scholarships & (Non)/Endowment Funds

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Do Better. Think BIGGER!

Knowledge Is Power

Those who know how, will always have a job.

Those who know why, will always be their boss.

Those who know what to do, determine the outcome.

Pop Shop Studios

An Enhanced Work-Based Learning Experience

Pop Shop Studios are registered work-based learning sites for learners that play Community On Demand™ competitively through the Gamers & Mixers Employability Sports (Esports) League or non-competitively through the JEM-TV News Channel.

Pop Shop Studios provide the tools and resources learners need to create film, music, radio, TV, gaming, publishing, and art content as well as entertainment products and services that demonstrate how they use their high-demand employability skills.  They also provide access to The Pop Shop Ecommerce & Merchandising System so learners can market, sell and distribute the products, services, content, innovative ideas and impact solutions they create during the competition o solve real world challenges within their community.

Pop Shop Studios is a creative business development program that provides learners with valuable instruction and experience.  Learners work on a mission-focused team with the sole purpose of sustaining a creative production shop.  They do this by coordinating, hosting and secure attendees for workshops and entertainment-based special events that allow them to capture and create content that can be marketed, sold and distributed throughout the Community On Demand™ Digital Media Network.  The desired effect of these management activities is to foster self-discipline, self-determination, self-motivation and self-progression in a commitment towards defining and reaching each participant’s personal and professional growth goals.

Participation Requirements

Each Pop Shop Studio comes with a license that gives learners access to The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Online Course and a copy of The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Activity Workbook.  

It also requires learners to participate in a JEM Team Leadership Workshop which:  

  • Demonstrates how to use our signature CIGS Model and STEAM Investigative Process 
  • Explains how to form and assign the roles and responsibilities of a Junior Executive Management (JEM) Team.
  • Introduces money principles and resource management concepts to strengthen their financial literacy skills, and 
  • Offers exclusive investment opportunities that will advance them through all levels of Community On Demand™ competitive game play. 

All content created by JEM Teams can be entered into the Gamers & Mixers Esports League in order to compete for cash, prizes, Skillcoin Rewards and additional resources.  Doing so gives them opportunities to present their achievements to a broader audience of community stakeholders. Furthermore, as an enhanced work-based learning experience, Pop Shop Studios ensure that members of the JEM Team and their Local Contributor Network work together toward a shared economic goal.

Training Schedule & Workshop Series

Regular training sessions last between 8-14 weeks:

Session I: August – December (12-14 weeks)
Session II: January – May (12-14 weeks)
Session III: June – July (8 weeks)

  • Workshops I – Weekend training activities that conduct business/industry workshops and provides opportunities for students to work on their Community On Demand™ Projects.
  • Workshop II (Field Trip) Weekday activities that introduce students and groups to the set of the Community On Demand™ Digital Media Network and allows them to produce a film, music or radio commercial for the network.
  • Workshop III – After school activities that allow SAE students to mentor K-16 students and serve as production assistants for Community On Demand™ projects.
  • Workshop IV – Training competition with voting and elimination rounds (8 weeks) that give student production teams an opportunity to produce the best film, music and radio content for non-profit organizations or worthy causes.
  • Workshop V – Promotion and event training that allows students to coordinate an SAE STEM Fair, Investor/Mentor Meetup, and/or showcase featuring all the quarterly participants and winning projects of Community On Demand™. It also serves as a recruitment and awareness campaign for the SAE Institute.

Key Benefits

When Local Contributor Networks support the development of a Junior Executive Management (JEM) Team, they help:

  • The socio-psychological problems and delinquency that come from unemployment
  • Consumers gain by increasing market competition
  • Youth and young adults provides goods and services to the community
  • The revitalization of the local community
  • Promote innovation and resilience
  • Give disadvantaged youth the ability to succeed regardless of their background
  • Promote social and cultural identity
  • Build a stronger sense of community
  • Give youth, especially at-risk youth, a sense of meaning and belonging™

Build Your Skills.
Build Your Team.
Build Your Career.
Build Your Community.

JEM-TV News Channel

Projects & Activities

JEM Teams will operate as a production team for the JEM-TV News Channel and use their Pop Shop Studio to manage, sell and distribute the products, services, content, innovative ideas and impact solutions created through their Local Contributor Networks. Following are the content areas they will operate under. 

person holding black and brown globe ball while standing on grass land golden hour photography

Mission Statements

Media projects that show how learners developed their mission statements.

gray and white pathway between green plants on vast valley

STEAM Careers

Media projects that explains your learners chose their desired STEAM career pathways.

woman holding camera standing near people

TRU Collections

Media projects that explains how learners used Community On Demand™ to identify and create their skill card collection

woman in white and brown sweater sitting on brown wooden chair

Community On Demand™

Upload media content that chronicles activities during a learner's work-based learning experience

man in gray shirt leaning on table with headphones facing another man leaning on table with headboard

Wish List

Learners can create public service announcement to request any resources and support they need to complete their STEAM Investigative Process.

person holding white android smartphone

Re-Birth of The Community Culture

Create public service announcement to request any resources and support for a cause or local 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Gamers & Mixers Esports League

Career Fairs & Competitions

JEM Teams will submit content to compete in the following categegories

Challenges & Seasons

JEM Teams select the challenge or solution theme they want to compete in.


Ranks the top competitors in all levels and achievement domains

STEAM Careers

Media projects that explain how they chose their desired STEAM career pathways.

Competition Levels

JEM Teams compete to raise the highest contribution values possible by completing four levels of of Community On Demand within a given time frame 

Skills Assessments

Quickly measure the total potential and contribution values of their JEM Team's employability skillset

Team Building

JEM Teams put their leadership, team-building and problem-solving skills to the test

Crowdfunding Campaign

JEM Teams crowdfund resources to financially support development of their impact solutions that address, reduce and/or eliminate the impact of a negative socio-economic condition.


JEM Teams package and pitch the final outcomes of their work-based learning experiences and impact solutions as a sustainable social venture.


Learners graduate through our leaderboards when their Contribution Values reach the following milestones.

Must have an active, paid membership to join our leaderboards
[mvc_advance_listing price_visibility=”none” btn_visibility=”none” price_title=”LEADERBOARD” price_bg=”#ffffff” top_bg=”#a5a5a5″ text_clr=”#000000″ feature_size=”15px” btn_text=”Sign me up!” btn_url=”|title:Gamers%20%26%20Mixers%20Leaderboards”]
  • Contribution Values
  • Skill Level
  • Milestones
[mvc_advance_listing price_fontsize=”” price_title=”AFFILIATE” price_bg=”#ffffff” top_bg=”#2e8491″ price_amount=”$500″ amount_clr=”#000000″ price_plan=”CVs” btn_text=”Sign me up!” btn_url=”|title:Gamers%20%26%20Mixers%20Leaderboards|target:_blank”]
  • Project Coordinator
[mvc_advance_listing price_fontsize=”” price_title=”ASSOCIATES” price_bg=”#ffffff” top_bg=”#4e7822″ price_amount=”$1000″ amount_clr=”#000000″ price_plan=”CVs” btn_text=”Sign me up!” btn_url=”|title:Gamers%20%26%20Mixers%20Leaderboards|target:_blank”]
  • Project Scheduler
[mvc_advance_listing price_fontsize=”” price_title=”CERTIFIED” price_bg=”#ffffff” top_bg=”#bd9000″ price_amount=”$1500″ amount_clr=”#000000″ price_plan=”CVs” btn_text=”Sign me up!” btn_url=”|title:Gamers%20%26%20Mixers%20Leaderboards|target:_blank”]
  • Asst. Project Managers
[mvc_advance_listing price_fontsize=”” price_title=”ADVISOR” price_bg=”#ffffff” top_bg=”#bb5f14″ price_amount=”$2000″ btn_text=”Sign Up” amount_clr=”#000000″ price_plan=”CVs” btn_url=”|title:Gamers%20%26%20Mixers%20Leaderboards”]
  • Project Managers
[mvc_advance_listing price_fontsize=”” price_title=”EXECUTIVE” price_bg=”#ffffff” top_bg=”#913938″ price_amount=”$2500″ btn_text=”Sign Up” amount_clr=”#000000″ price_plan=”CVs” btn_url=”|title:Leaderboards”]
  • Sr. Project Manager

JEM Team Application Form

  • PURPOSE The purpose of this Application is to support The NEXT Steps Youth Entrepreneur Program’s interests in launching the Community On Demand Card Game Curriculum (“Pilot Project”) as a flexible, blended-learning employment solution that helps learners in your school district (or county) quickly identify up to 63 of their high-demand employability skills. About Our Curriculum

    The Community On Demand (CoD) Card Game Curriculum is comprised of:
    • CoD Card Deck is an innovative 72-pc pocket-size deck of cards that use five color-coded achievement domains to help learners quickly define, measure, build and name their high-demand employability skills.
    • CoD Game Board is a reusable 18″ x 24″ dry-erase project-based skill mapping tool. The Community On Demand game board makes team-building fun as it provides an extended use of the Community On Demand card game.  With the game board, learners are able to visually assess the employability skills they have, need and use to successfully complete any project.
    • CoD Skills Self-Assessment Worksheets are designed to help learners use the Community On Demand card deck to track the growth of their employability skills based on how they used them to successfully complete any project.
    • Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Activity Workbook is the official textbook for the Community On Demand card game curriculum.  It provides eight easy lessons to help young innovators assess their STEAM skills, build project teams, create career-building opportunities, and launch new social ventures.
    • Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Online Course (Curriculum Series) – is the online course series that provides in-depth digital visuals, audio tracks, and activity worksheets and provides a more robust team play experience.
    Training Operations
    • Junior Executive Management (JEM) Teams are pre-apprenticeship and work-based learning experiences to help learners use their employability skills to solve real-world problems.
    • Training sessions are recommended to last between :45-  90 minutes per classroom training session and last up to 12 weeks..
    • Students will be expected to exercise the skills learned within the classroom using the Community On Demand curriculum to develop impact solutions that address up to six socio-economic conditions that may be negatively impacting their community.
    • We highly recommend integrating The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Activity Workbook and/or online courses to guide learners through the basic, advanced and ultimate game play levels of the Community On Demand card game which include activities on how to write a winning mission statement, develop a business plan, build a project malmanagement team and launch a social venture.
  • (List the requesting organization’s company name in the space provided below)
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • How many schools do you wish to form JEM Teams at?
  • How many students do you expect will participate in the JEM Team Pilot Project?
  • Will you present the Community On Demand curriculum in the classroom as part of an existing CTE/CTAE curriculum?
  • Will you use reasonable efforts to ensure that all students are provided at a minimum of 2-4 hours/week for up to 12 weeks of classroom training time in order for learners to get familiar with the Community On Demand card game?
  • Will you use reasonable efforts to ensure students have at least one hour to complete their STEAM Skills Self-Assessment Worksheets at three different times during training: before training starts, midway through training and immediately after their training experience ends?
  • Scholarships provided upon request and available funding.
    StudentsProfessional DevelopmentMaterialsTextbooksSupplemental 
  • Will you agree to pay fees required to offset the cost of curricula and student training materials to ensure a successful pilot of the Junior Executive Management (JEM) Team?
  • By checking the box below and submitting your request to form a Junior Executive Management (JEM) Team, you are expressing your interest in partnering with The NEXT Steps Youth Entrepreneur Program, Inc. to introduce the Community On Demand card game curriculum to you students in your district or county during the 2020-2023 school years. Please check “Yes” to confirm this statement.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Do Better. Think BIGGER!

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