Event Types

Esports Competition Series

Our competition series helps learners transform their knowledge, special abilities, interests, STEAM skills and achievements into digital credentials, career-building opportunities and social ventures.  Our four levels of competition include: single player, team player, fundraiser and business startup.

STEAM Exploration Series
Single Player Competition

Single Player Competition will highlight the top players that use the 72pc Community On Demand card deck to compete for job interviews, apprenticeships, internships and other career-building opportunities.
Winners of this series will be awarded with Acceptance Letters, Letters of Support, Mentorships, a STEAM resume and digital badge portfolio.

Money Guide Series
Team Player Competition

Team Player Competition is based on the seven lessons taught in the Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs interactive activity workbook. Learners compete by creating an impact solution to solve a problem in their community. They must also form a Junior Executive Management (JEM) Team, coordinate a community service event, and host an Investor/Mentor Meetup.
Winners of this series will be rewarded with Single Player rewards, Field Trips, Gift Cards, Prizes, Scholarships, Part-Time or Full-Time Employment opportunities, and other available resources.

Investment Club Series
Fundraiser Competition

The Fundraiser Competition starts when a JEM Team decides to get their digital badge collections sponsored. JEM Teams compete based on their ability to build the largest digital and financial portfolios while securing and wisely using resources to implement their impact solutions for their communities.
Winners of this series will be awarded with Team Player rewards, cash stipends, operating budgets for their projects and co-operative marketing benefits to promote their brands and achievements.

Pop Shop Series
Business Startup Competition

The Pop Shop Competition starts when a JEM Team decides to turn their impact solution into a product, service or social venture. JEM Teams compete based on their ability to survive operating a pop up retail booth at an event and then pitching the results of their experience for funding opportunities, business support services and resources provided by members of our Partners In Education Network.


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