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what is STEAM?

A Self Discovery Process
Calculate the significant contribution value you bring to your team, project and community by conducting a self-assessment of your STEAM skills. 

Level 1

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Single Play

Skills Assessments

A fun way to quickly assess your total number of employability skills and their contribution value.

Team Play


Form/Join a JEM Team to put your leadership, team-building and problem-solving skills to the test.

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Financial Literacy

Use your STEAM skills to crowdfund resources that will support your impact solutions and service-learning projects.

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Convert your impact solutions and service-learning projects into social ventures then package and pitch your final outcomes.

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Game Pieces

Community On Demand Card Game

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Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs

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Leadership Training & Workshops

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Level 1 Game Play

Play Community On Demand Level 1 to conduct pre- and post-testing self-assessments that measure student growth from the time they start game play until they complete it.

Assess skills before starting game play to establish a firm benchmark against which to measure growth, knowledge, and cognitive learning skills.

Pre- and post-testing results can be transferred with transcripts for traditional two/four-year undergraduates or can be used as verifiable micro-credentials to suit the more common trends where students enter, stop-out, transfer, return, and take six years or more to graduate.

Skills Assessments
How To Play & Win!

Use the card deck, STEAM skills self-assessment worksheet, and/or STEAM skills assessment game board to play Level 1 of the Community On Demand card game.

  1. Go through the Community On Demand card deck to quickly identify the high demand STEAM skills learners may or may not have
  2. Separate skills into sets: skills you use, skills you don’t use and skills you don’t have.
  3. Total up skill counts and/or in-game contribution values of each skillset.
  4. Submit your results to the Gamers & Mixers Leaderboard to earn digital credentials and advance to the next level of game play.

TIP: For a more accurate assessment, focus on a project that you recently completed, are currently working on, or will work on in the near future, then begin game play.

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