Level 1 Game Play

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What is STEAM?

A Self Discovery Process
If you’ve ever wondered what all the buzz is about STEM and STEAM Education, then check out this neat video. STEAM Education is so much more than we think! 

A Video By STEAMspirations

Level 1: Skills Assessments
Game Play Strategy

Conduct pre- and post-testing self-assessments to measure skill growth from the time a learner starts a project until they complete it.


Establish a firm benchmark to measure a learner’s growth, knowledge, cognitive learning and employability by assessing which skills they have, use and need to complete a work-based learning project.  


Game Rules

TIP: For a more accurate assessment, focus on a project that you recently completed, are currently working on, or will work on in the near future, then begin game play.

  1. Have learners think about a specific role they had with a project then have them write the name and date of that project on a skills assessment worksheet or gameboard.
  2. Now have learners pull each skill card, one at a time, from the Community On Demand card deck to determine if the skill card represents a skill they currently have.
  3. Game Play: As learners conduct their skills assessment, have them separate the skill cards into three categories: skills they have and use (contribution values), skills they have and don’t use (potential values), and skills they don’t have (potential values).
  4. After assessing all skill cards, have learners calculate the total number of skills in each use category then multiply each total skill county by their potential and contribution values.
  5. The learners with the highest contribution values win the game!


Extended Game Play

  • Have learners create achievement statements by using the NSPIE LRNG Logic Model then document and communicate the results of their skills assessments. (See instructions below)
  • Collect their results in a binder or portfolio and then submit them your group leader or upload them to the Gamers & Mixers Leaderboard to show a learner’s growth trends throughout the project
  • Have learners register their Junior Executive Management Team with the Gamers & Mixers Esports Competition League
  • Ask members of your local NEXT Steps Partners In Education Network to issue/sponsor digital badges and micro-credentials that verify each learner’s proof of work, growth and achievements
  • Repeat this process until project completion, until learners convert all of their skill card’s potential values into contribution values, or to advance learners to the next level of game play.


Growth Measurement

Use the card deck, STEAM skills self-assessment worksheet, and/or STEAM skills assessment game board several times throughout the life of a project to track and measure growth of each learner’s employability skills and achievements.


Example:  Skills Assessment Worksheet Results, Week 4 of Project XYZ

Based on the results of this assessment, this learner has identified:

  • (7) Workforce Readiness Skills they have applied during this project
  • (6) Workforce Readiness Skills they have but have not applied yet during this project
  • (4) Workforce Readiness Skills they discovered they do not have


How To Use Results 

Use the Community On Demand Achievement Statement Formula to create achievement statements based on your skills assessment results.


Community On Demand Achievement Statement Formula
Project Title & Goal + NSPIEs + CoD Level 1 Activity = Student Achievements, Skills Assessment Results  & Project Impact



Example:  Skills Assessment Game Board Results, Week 4 of Project XYZ

Based on the results of this assessment, this learner has identified:

  • (2) Career Awareness & Exploration Skills they have applied during this project
  • (3) Innovation & Entrepreneurship Skills they have applied during this project
  • (1) Workforce Readiness Skills they have applied during this project
  • (2) Skill Career Cluster they have explored during this project
  • (4) Leadership, Team-building & Problem Solving Skills they have applied during this project

My Achievement Statement 
“During Week 4 of Project XYZ, I interviewed two STEAM professionals at the local Amazon Distribution Center that specialized in logistics during a Zoom conference call. I did not know that dressing professionally is tied to the salary I want to earn at many companies that operate within the transportation industry.  They also taught me that success in any business comes from fully understanding how to sustain its operations.”


Learners graduate through our leaderboards when their Contribution Values reach the following milestones. (NOTE: Learners must have an active, paid membership to join our leaderboards)

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Contribution Values
Skill Level


$500 /CVs

Project Coordinator


$1000 /CVs

Project Scheduler


$1500 /CVs

Asst. Project Managers


$2000 /CVs

Project Managers


$2500 /CVs

Sr. Project Manager


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