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The Growth Process
Use the in-game currencies that fuel the Community On Demand digital economy to expand your opportunities and network of support.

Workshops & Play Dates
Leadership Training & Professional Development

Attend a virtual or in-person training event that teaches you how to play and win Community On Demand!

Single Play

Skills Assessments

A fun way to quickly measure the total number and contribution value of your employability skills.

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Team Play


Form/Join a JEM Team to put your leadership, team-building and problem-solving skills to the test.

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Financial Literacy

Use your STEAM skills to crowdfund resources that will support your impact solutions and service-learning projects.

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Convert your impact solutions and service-learning projects into social ventures then package and pitch your final outcomes.

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Level 3: Financial Literacy & Crowdfunding
How To Play & Win

Teach learners how our in-game currencies can be used to convert their impact solutions into funding strategies.


Use our STEAM Investigative Process, signature Community Involvement Growth Strategy (CIGS) Model, and Community On Demand game set to teach learners how to achieve the six standards of CTE Course Standard #1. 


Game Rules

TIP: For a more accurate assessment, focus on a project that you recently completed, are currently working on, or will work on in the near future, then begin game play.

  1. Have learners read and complete Lessons 4-7 of The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Activity Workbook
  2. Use the JEM Team Agenda, corresponding worksheets from the Money Guide Activity Worksheet Toolkit and the Community Involvement Growth Strategy Model to help learners map out their resource and time management strategies and complete each lesson.
  3. Starting with the Community On Demand skill card that is assigned to each lesson, have learners use their Community On Demand card deck to build a custom set of skill cards (also called a digital badge collection) to represent the skills their team will need to complete each lesson.
  4. Use the Condition Cards from the Community On Demand card deck and our in-game currencies to develop fundraising and marketing campaigns for their impact solutions.
  5. Game Play: Use the Community On Demand Skills Assessment Game Board to help students visually map out their strategies and assess which skills they have and need to complete each lesson, then have learners use our STEAM Education eGift card gallery to promote their projects, skills and achievements throughout their personal social media networks.
  6. During their promotions, learners should ask their social media followers and friends to sponsor the eGift cards that represent the skills they are learning to complete their Community On Demand service-learning projects.
  7. If learners get their eGift cards sponsored, the funds will be distributed through The NEXT Steps Youth Entrepreneur Program and allocated according to the funding chart located at the bottom of each skill card. (See example below)
  8. Transfer the results of their skills assessment from the game board to a Community On Demand skills assessment worksheet (multi-player) then have learners total up their team’s skill counts, potential values and contribution values.
  9. Add the completed skills assessment worksheet to your student’s binder so they can track and measure their team’s growth and achievements.
  10. Be sure to have learners write their strategies and notes in the doodle space on the back of their assessment worksheet so they can communicate their thoughts and innovative ideas to stakeholders or add them to professional documents at a later time.
  11. Teams with the highest contribution values win the game!


Extended Game Play

  • Have learners create achievement statements by using the NSPIE LRNG Logic Model then document and communicate the results of their skills assessments. (See instructions below)
  • Have learners register their Junior Executive Management Team with in the Gamers & Mixers Esports Competition League
  • Have learners login to upload their results to their Community On Demand digital portfolio so their achievements can be promoted throughout the Community On Demand Digital Media Network.
  • Ask members of your local NEXT Steps Partners In Education Network to issue/sponsor digital badges and micro-credentials that verify each learner’s proof of work, growth and achievements
  • Repeat this process until project completion, until learners convert all of their skill card’s potential values into contribution values, or to advance learners to the next level of game play.

Growth Measurement

Use a combination of skill cards, skill counts, STEAM Education egift cards, digital badges to assess skill growth and reward student achievement as learners use their skills, knowledge and creativity to increase their contribution values and solve real world problems.


Community On Demand’s In-Game Currencies


Each eGift card has a profile page that lists the service goals, Skillcoin Rewards™ allocations, digital media sharing links, and funding allocations as listed in the charts below:


30% of all eGift card sponsorships are allocated to a Student Stipend Fund to provide scholarships, grants, cash stipends and donations.


40% of all eGift card sponsorships go to our Impact Project Fund to create operating budgets for service-learning projects.


30% of all eGift card sponsorships go to our CoD Network Fund to support marketing and career development activities through our digital media network

How To Use Results 

Use the Community On Demand Achievement Statement Formula to create achievement statements based on your skills assessment results.


Community On Demand Achievement Statement Formula
Project Title & Goal + NSPIEs + CoD Level 1 Activity = Student Achievements, Skills Assessment Results  & Project Impact



Example:  Skills Assessment Game Board Results, Week 4 of Project XYZ

Based on the results of this assessment, this learner has identified:

  • (2) Career Awareness & Exploration Skills they have applied during this project
  • (3) Innovation & Entrepreneurship Skills they have applied during this project
  • (1) Workforce Readiness Skills they have applied during this project
  • (2) Skill Career Cluster they have explored during this project
  • (4) Leadership, Team-building & Problem Solving Skills they have applied during this project

My Achievement Statement 
“During Week 4 of Project XYZ, I interviewed two STEAM professionals at the local Amazon Distribution Center that specialized in logistics during a Zoom conference call. I did not know that dressing professionally is tied to the salary I want to earn at many companies that operate within the transportation industry.  They also taught me that success in any business comes from fully understanding how to sustain its operations.”


Award learners with the micro-credential (certification) that represents mastery of each lesson’s main employability skill.

Lesson 4.
Map Your Value

Lesson 5.
Manage Your Assets

Tools & Materials Needed
Game Pieces & Online Courses

STEAM Education eGift Card Gallery

eGift card sponsorships are treated as tax-deductible donations to The NEXT Steps Youth Entrepreneur Program (a 501c3 nonprofit organization)

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