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Level 4 Game Play - NEXT Steps YEP

Level 4 Game Play

Do Better • Think Bigger • Share

Do Better. Think BIGGER!

social entrepreneurship

The Business Development Process
Convert the results of your game play into the launch of a social venture to help sustain your community’s local economy.

Level 4

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Single Play

Skills Assessments

A fun way to quickly assess your total number of employability skills and their contribution value.

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Team Play


Form/Join a JEM Team to put your leadership, team-building and problem-solving skills to the test.

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Financial Literacy

Use your STEAM skills to crowdfund resources that will support your impact solutions and service-learning projects.

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Convert your impact solutions and service-learning projects into social ventures then package and pitch your final outcomes.

Game Pieces

Community On Demand Card Game

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Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs

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Leadership Training & Workshops

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Level 4 Game Play

Play Community On Demand Level 4 to teach learners how to convert their impact solutions into social ventures.

Learners will compete for additional funding, resources and support by pitching the results and sustainability plans of their STEAM Investigative Process and Community Involvement Growth Strategy (CIGS) Model to a panel of funders, local businesses and industry professionals.

TIP: For a more accurate assessment, focus on a project that you recently completed, are currently working on, or will work on in the near future, then begin game play.

Pop Shop Studios
How To Play & Win!

Use the Condition Cards and the entire deck of Community On Demand along with the Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Activity Workbook to create a Pop Shop Studio pitch, presentation and vendor booth for Level 4 competition. 

  1. Have learners read and complete The STEAM Investigative Process of The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Activity Workbook
  2. Use the worksheets from the Money Guide Activity Toolkit to help learners map out their pitch strategies.
  3. Use the Condition Cards from the Community On Demand card game to develop their mission statement and pitch deck for their impact solutions.
  4. Review all of the achievements and skills assessments from Level 1 – Level 3 that represents the skills that were used to develop and implement the teams’ strategies and impact solutions.
  5. Present the team’s final skill count and in-game contribution values through a pitch deck, presentation and vendor booth that includes the team’s products and services, STEAM Capability Reports, and digital/financial portfolios.

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