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Community Ecosystem Leadership Digital Badge Collection
Explore the socio-economic indicators that define the health of your community's ecosystem
Research and identify socio-economic indicators
Map local resources
Develop an impact solution

NOTE: Skillcoin Rewards™ can only be distributed to your fund accounts if STEAM Education eGift Cards have been purchased for this digital badge.

Community Ecosystem
Service Goal 2

Leadership Digital Badge Collection

Map the local resources you discover within your community’s ecosystem using the Community Ecosystem Mapping Grid and Market Analysis Checklist.

Skillcoin Rewards™
Based on $50.00 STEAM eGift Card Purchase
Student Stipend Fund – $15.00
Impact Project Fund – $20.00
COD Network Fund – $15.00

Community Ecosystem Mapping Grid Form
Use this form to map the local resources you discover within your community or use the Proof of Work form below.

Proof of Work Submission Form
Use the form below to submit proof of completed works in order to collect this digital badge.

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