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Licensing, Discount Pricing & Curriculum Customization

Option 1.
Purchase Your Learner Platform & Student Licenses

Purchase a license to build your own group portal, choose the courses you want and add as many seats as you like.
*NOTE: Scholarships available upon request.

Annual License $995/year Group Management Dashboard can add users, remove users, add courses, add licenses, see course results, drill down to quiz answers, and more.
Up to 20 Participants $15/student 20 Licenses to be assigned within 1 year
21 to 100 Participants $9.95/student $9.95 Per Lifetime License
101 to 250 Participants $7.95/student $7.95 Per Lifetime License
251 to 1000 Participants $6.95/student $6.95 Per Lifetime License
1001 to 2500 Participants $5.95/student $5.95 Per Lifetime License
2501+ Participants $4.95/student $4.95 Per Lifetime License

Option 2.
Select A Package

Select an Activity Toolkit then decide the format for your Money Guide Activity Workbook (paper, digital or online course)
*NOTE: Digital Activity Toolkit is included with the annual license purchase.

Price: $121.88 $73.44~$146.86 $82.42~$174.84 $308.99
Lesson Plans X X X X
Activity Worksheet X X X X
Booster Pack X X
Trading Card Deck X
Posters X X
Stickers X X
Business Binder X X X
Digital Badge Certificates X X X X
Membership X
Subscription X
Tests, Quizzes & Surveys X X X X
Flyer Template X X X X
Invitation Template X X X X

*NOTE: Digital Activity Toolkit is included with the annual license purchase.

Option 3.
Add A Digital Badge Collection

Hire us to create a Partnership Plan so we can integrate our micro-credentials into your new or existing curricula or skill-building training program.

Price: $300.00 (Limit: 3 curricula/plan)

Option 4.
Brand Your Curriculum

Add your logo to select training materials and curricula within your Activity Toolkit & Workbook.

Price: FREE $295 $595 $899
Your Logo & Brand Colors on Student Guide Cover and Internal Title Page (Include option to add contact info) X X X
Your Logo & Brand Colors Throughout Instructor’s Guide, Student Guide and Money Guide X X
Your Logo Along Side NEXT Steps Logo (Additional Information Required) X

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Our Money Guide Curriculum Packages Include

Fun learning tools that transform knowledge, special abilities, interests, STEAM skills and achievements into digital credentials, career-building opportunities and social enterprises.

Money Guide Activity Workbooks

Interactive lessons and activity worksheets that provide detailed instructions on how to complete service goals, earn digital badges and collect Skillcoin Rewards.

Booster, eGift & Trade Cards

Booster, eGift and trade cards represent the digital badges, service goals and marketplace values for each STEAM skill

Memberships, Subscriptions & Partnership Plans

Levels of engagement for each Partner In Education throughout The Community On Demand digital society

Training Workshops & Professional Development

Training through hands-on, applied learning techniques for students, mentors, educators, STEAM career professionals and lifelong learners

Lesson Plans, Worksheets, and Certificates of Achievements

Detailed explanations on how to complete Money Guide courses, workbooks and activity sheets

Online Courses, Tests, Quizzes & Surveys

Digital learning and tracking tools to capture student progress, measure academic achievement and anticipate employment trends

Digital Badges & Skillcoin Rewards

 Track and measure student achievement while providing flexible, blended learning employments solutions

Flyers, Posters, Stickers & Event Invitations

Marketing tools to help students promote the launch of their businesses, service-learning projects or special events.

“The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs is a resource guide that stimulates STEAM concepts, community transformation, leadership and entrepreneurship. It is timely, creative and innovative!”
– Chike Akua, Ph.D., Author
Education for Transformation:
The Keys to Releasing the Genius of African American Students

The Revolution of STEAM Education

The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs is a 21st Century STEAM education curriculum series that uses financial literacy, blockchain technology, entertainment and entrepreneurship to strengthen the high-demand STEAM skills of STEAM educators, lifelong learners, young innovators and entrepreneurs. It provides eight lessons and fun activity worksheets to guide learners of all ages through five skill-building domains:

  • Career awareness and exploration
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Workforce readiness and personal branding
  • STEAM pathway selection
  • Leadership, team-building and problem-solving
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“One of the center’s first programs this summer, Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs, invites students to free summer classes from June 10 to Aug. 2. Students will pick a community issue and use science, technology, engineering, art and math skills to tackle the problem, Richards said.”
– BY LUKE RANKER, Fort Worth Star-Telegram
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May 06, 2019 01:56 pm, UPDATED May 06, 2019 04:06 pm

The NEXT Steps Youth Entrepreneur Program is an award-winning intermediary workforce development program that specializes in creating community engagement strategies for STEAM education initiatives.