NWIAA NSPIE Application

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National Women In Ag Association

A NEXT Steps Partners In Education Network Site

Nationwide | 38 states

National Women In Ag Association Dr. Tammy Gray-Steele, Executive Director
OUR MISSION: The National Women In Ag Association provides community-based information, education and training for urban and rural land owners that need access to financial, land management, conservation and recovery resources to sustain their operation.

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NWIAA Headquarters, 1701 N. Martin Luther King Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73111


Cultivate the next generation of professionals in agri-business, agri-tech and agri-tourism
Promulgate sustainable farming practices
Increase the availability of fresh, locally-grown foods
Expand local economic opportunities
Create environmentally-conscious land managers and growers

A Veteran-Led STEAM Entrepreneurship & Skills Development System
for K-12 Youth, Young Adults, STEAM Educators & Lifelong Learners

Serving Families & Communities Since 2008