The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs
Activity Workbook

The Official Textbook of The Community On Demandâ„¢ Card Game

The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs offers eight (8) highly interactive lessons in critical thinking, team building and problem solving. Learners are guided through the process of converting their innovative ideas into new products, services, digital media content and impact solutions to ultimately market, sell and distribute.

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Eight Skill-Building Lessons


The STEAM Investigative Process

Teaches learners how to research, design, plan, coordinate and evaluate anticipated results from an impact solution they created

Lesson 2. Define Your Solution

Teaches learners how to develop a mission statement and locate the resources they need to complete their STEAM Investigative Process

Lesson 4. Map Your Value

Teaches learners how to develop and manage the financial resources they need to complete their STEAM Investigative Process

Lesson 6. Share Your Success

Helps learners strengthen their skills in advertising, promotions, marketing, sales, marketing research, merchandising, and public relations as they complete their STEAM Investigative Process

Lesson 1. Explore Your Community

Teachers learners how to use the STEAM Investigative Process to determine their level of career readiness and explore socio-economic indicators that impact the health of their community

Lesson 3. Build Your Team

Teaches learners how to develop a Junior Executive Management (JEM) Team and demonstrate effective leadership, team-building & problem solving skills throughout their STEAM Investigative Process

Lesson 5. Manage Your Assets

Teaches learners the value of time as a resource and the impact effective time management has on their STEAM Investigative Process

Lesson 7. Career Awareness & Exploration

Teaches learners how to package and present the contribution value of the skills they used to get the results of their STEAM Investigative Process

Who should read this book?

The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs was designed for young innovators but is perfect for learners at any age!

Youth & Young Adults

Colorful artwork and images makes learning very complex ideas simple and easy to understand.

Community Leaders

Allows all voices to be heard while demonstrating how to leverage each stakeholder's contribution to the overall mission of building purpose-built communities.


Gives a new and innovative perspective how 21st century learners receive information and makes re-learning boring topics more exciting


Provides a fun and exciting and much more meaningful way to go through the new business development process

Through partnerships with City of Refuge (Innovation Hub), StratiPlan, MD Ross Consulting, The NEXT Steps Small Business Incubator & Youth Entrepreneur Program, Grove Park Foundation, and NAPA, Veterans Molding Minds is able to offer positive reciprocal relationships while positively impacting our community.
Corey Thomas, Retired U.S. Army Veteran
CEO, Stratiplan
Executive Director, Veterans Molding Minds (nonprofit)

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Dana brings over 30+ years of experience in executive leadership, business plan development and innovative youth programming.



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