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Definitions of Terms Used In The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs
The “Official Textbook” for The Community On Demand STEAM Education & Life Skills Development Card Game

allocations - due dates

allocation – the process of splitting an eGift card sponsorship (cash donation) into three funding categories: Student Stipend Fund, the Impact Project Fund, and the Community On Demand Network Fund

blockchain technology –  a digitized general ledger that is public and used to verify all transactions of crypto-currencies

brand the things people use to identity the type of products or services you create, sell or provide

business venture a new business that is formed out of a need for a service or product that is lacking in the market with a plan and expectation that financial gain will follow

checklist – a series of tasks used to mark progress and ensure completion of a service-learning project in a timely manner

Community Involvement Growth Strategy (CIGS) Model a signature community engagement strategy and organizational development model created by Dana Jewel Harris to help startups and small business ventures secure funding and investment opportunities

Community On Demand – a digital economy that helps STEAM educators, lifelong learners and young innovators promote, distribute and monetize their STEAM skills through digital technologies

compound when an item with value has the opportunity to increase in value

crowdfunding – the act of sharing STEAM education eGift cards through social media, marketing and communications platforms to secure sponsorships from a large number of people

crypto-currency digital money that uses special encryption (blockchain technology) to regulate and verify how it is generated and transferred

currencies a medium of exchange for goods and services within an economy

digital badge an icon that serves as validation for awarding a stackable micro-credential which verifies measurable knowledge, capabilities, interests, and achievements from an applied STEAM skill

digital badge collection a cluster of digital badges that represent a range of skills required to complete a project

digital economy the marketing and distribution platform of the Community On Demand Digital Media Network that uses Digital Badges & Skillcoin Rewards™ as official currencies to market, distribute and monetize (i.e. purchase and sell) the products and services of young entrepreneurs

digital media any media (blog posts, videos, pictures, music, etc.) you create, view, distribute, modify and save for your service-learning project using digital electronic equipment

digital media platforms digital technology tools used to market products or services such as the Internet, mobile phones, electronic displays, etc.

digital media projects initiatives that use software, digital images, digital video, video game, web pages and websites, including social media, data and databases, digital audio, such as MP3 and electronic books to deliver a message

due dates a date that your team has determined to be the day and time a deliverable is due or a deadline is set

ecosystem - eGift card sponsorships

ecosystem (pg 8) – the large set of socio-economic indicators that demonstrate how communities allocate their scare resources; the community’s economy

eGift card (pg 12) – electronic gift card

eGift card sponsorships (pg 13) – monetization of a STEAM Education eGift Card in which a cash donation is made by an individual or company in support of a STEAM skill required for learners to gain during a service-learning project

icons - investment club

icons (pg 9)  — images that represent a STEAM skill

impact solutions (pg 8) – the ideas you create to address, reduce and/or eliminate socio-economic conditions affecting your community

Indicators (pg 21) – a combination of data sets used to clearly define or justify a policy or analysis to remedy a condition

investment club (pg 71) – membership group that learns how to trade and/or invest in the products and services distributed throughout the Community On Demand digital economy

marketing & distribution channels - promote

marketing & distribution channels (pg 50) – a chain of businesses that goods or services pass through until it reaches the end consumer

marketing (pg 53) – the act of using products, services and platforms to 1) make your target audience aware of your business and 2) influences them to buy your products or support your message/point of view

market (pg 6) – the virtual and physical environment where Partners In Education buy, sell, showcase and trade their products and services

mission statement (pg 34) – a broad scope of your short or long-term financial goals, engagement activities and methods for completing your Community On Demand service-learning project

monetize (pg 68) – the process used to convert digital media content or a digital badge sponsorship into Skillcoin Rewards™ (gaming currency) or a cash purchase

Partners In Education Network (pg 16) –  the students, volunteers, STEAM mentors, nonprofit organizations and for profit businesses that make up the network of people resources in your community

phenomenon (pg 21) – a remarkable person, thing or event whose cause or occurrence cannot easily be explained

production cycle (pg 60) – the amount of time allowed to complete each service-learning project from start to finish

profile (brand) (pg 84) – the digital portfolio, financial report, STEAM resume and business plan you create to distinguish your team, company, products and services from others

promote (pg 9) – to share and spread information about a product or service with the intent to increase awareness and encourage consumption of that product or service

Return On Investment - timeline

Return On Investment (ROI) (pg 16) – a calculation used to measure how much money or social impact an investor will get back from funding a service-learning project or digital badge sponsorship

service goal (pg 12) – an activity that represents how you apply a STEAM skill which must be completed to earn that skill’s  digital badge

service-learning projects (pg 10) – a community service activity you create with a Junior Executive Management Team to demonstrate how you use your STEAM skills to solve a problem that affects where you live, work, learn, play and/or travel

service line (pg 72) – a set of companies within The Community On Demand  digital economy that provides specific products and services to support the activities of our Partners In Education

Skillcoin Rewards™ (pg 50) –  a crypto-currency of the Community On Demand Digital Media Network; created from crowdsourcing digital badges that promote and monetize STEAM skills and digital media content

socio-economic indicators (pg 8) – the things in your community that influence how people act, spend money, conduct politics and deploy social sciences to change or maintain the local economy

STEAM Investigative Process (pg 15) – a system that  increases the value of your STEAM skills, distributes and sells your products and services, launches your business or career, and builds your brand within our digital badge economy

STEAM skill value (pg 9) – the marketplace value of a STEAM skill within the Community On Demand digital economy

timeline (pg 63) – an itemized list of tasks arranged by date that is designed to complete a service-learning project within a 12-week period

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