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Internship Work-based Learning Experience

[mvc_team_profile member_visibility=”outset” memb_name=”Internship” memb_prof=”Work-based Learning Experience” info_clr=”#000000″ image_id=”93561″ info_size=”20″ memb_about=”Get placed in a real workplace environment to develop and practice the career-related knowledge and skills related to your career interests, abilities and goals.” url=”|||” social_icon=”fab fa-facebook-f” social_url=”” social_icon2=”fab fa-twitter” social_url2=”” memb_skill=”Fair Labor Standards Act” memb_skill2=”Employer Participation Form” memb_skill3=”Training Plan & Agreement” memb_skill4=”Feedback and Reflection for Students” memb_skill5=”Time Log & Evaluation” social_icon3=”fab fa-instagram” social_url3=”” social_icon4=”fas fa-broadcast-tower” social_url4=”” caption_url=””]

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A Veteran-Led STEAM Entrepreneurship & Skills Development System
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