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    The purpose of this Memorandum of Agreement is to support The NEXT Steps Youth Entrepreneur Program's interests in launching the Community On Demand STEAM Education & Life Skills Development Card Game as a work-based learning experience ("Pilot Project") to students in your county as a member of the NEXT Steps Partners In Education Network.

    About Our Curriculum

    Community On Demand™ (“The CoD”) is a STEAM education & life skills development card game that helps learners quickly identify up to 63 of their high demand STEAM skills by teaching them how to convert their knowledge, capabilities, interests and achievements into digital credentials, career-building opportunities and social ventures.

    The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs© (“The Money Guide”) is the official textbook for The Community On Demand card game. It guides young innovators through the eight steps required to create winning mission statements, develop viable business plans, and build collaborative project management teams with their peers. It also shows them how to create career-building opportunities and launch successful social ventures that ultimately benefit their local community.

    Training Operations
    • The work-based learning experience shall be a leadership training workshop lasting up to 12 weeks.
    • Training sessions are recommended to last between :45-90 minutes per classroom training session and a maximum of 4 hours in a workshop setting.
    • Students will be expected to exercise the skills learned within the classroom using the Community On Demand curriculum to complete their work-based learning experience.
    • OPTIONAL:  NSYEP highly recommends the integration of the Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs -- the official textbook and online coursework of the Community On Demand curriculum.  These additional edtech learning tools provide eight lessons and extended learning activities on how to write a winning mission statement, develop a business plan, and build a project malmanagement team.
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  • How many schools do you wish to serve?
  • How many students do you wish to introduce our program to?
  • Will you present the Community On Demand curriculum in the classroom as a way for students to engage in the Pilot Project as a work-based learning experience?
  • Will you use reasonable efforts to ensure that all students are taught at a minimum, 40 hours of classroom curriculum by classroom teacher(s) to receive credit for their work-based learning experience?
  • Will you use reasonable efforts to ensure students receive at least one hour of teaching to conduct a STEAM Skills Self-Assessment immediately AFTER the Project, to reflect on the STEAM skills they gained from their work-based learning experience?
  • Scholarships provided upon request and available funding.
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  • Will you agree to pay fees required to offset the cost of curricula and student training materials for a successful work-based learning experience?
  • By checking the box below and submitting your request for a Memorandum of Agreement, you are expressing your interest in partnering with The NEXT Steps Youth Entrepreneur Program, Inc. to introduce our Community On Demand curriculum to you students in your County during the upcoming school year. Please check "Yes" to confirm this statement.
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