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Our 2020-2023 Fundraising Goals

Your donations help young innovators and entrepreneurs increase the value of their STEAM skills by paying for the resources they need to develop community-based impact solutions and social enterprises.


The Do Better Challenge
Sponsorship Items

Items Includes: Sponsorship
CoD Game Set Community On Demand card deck, skills assessment worksheet, game board $29.00
Money Guide Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Activity Workbook $40.00
Leadership Workshop JEM Team Leadership Workshop $10.00
Complete Set CoD Game Set, Money Guide and Leadership Course $79.00

NEXT Steps Partners In Education
Membership Fee Sponsorship

Member Level Description Annual Fee Sponsorship
Student For learners ages 17 & under; College students w/current ID & enrollment $10/year $10
Mentor For Individuals 18+ and STEAM professionals that want to help with training $55/year $55
Non-Profit For community-focused organizations that address socio-economic conditions $99/year $99
Local Business For businesses that want to train and hire locally through work-based learning initiatives $149/year $149
JEM Teams For learners that want to join our investment club $20/mo $240

eGift Card Sponsorship Levels

Phase eGift Card Collection No of Badges Sponsorship
Research Career Awareness & Exploration 5 @ $10 ea $50
Design Innovation & Entrepreneurship 12 @ $20 ea $240
Planning Workforce Readiness & Personal Branding 17 @ $30 ea $510
Coordinating STEAM Career Clusters 18 @ $40 ea $720
Evaluating Leadership, Team-building & Problem Solving 11 @ $50 ea $550

Total Sponsorship: $2,070

Advertising Packages

Package Length Sponsorship
Contributing Partner 1 month $500
Innovation Partner 3 months $1,500
Sustainability Partner 6 months $2,500
Leadership Partner 12 months $5,000
Trustee 18 months $7,500
Partner’s Circle 25 months $10,000

Sponsorship Activities

$1 USD = 1 Community Share | 1 Community Share = $0.01

Activity Description Sponsorship
Docu-Series & Trailer Five (5) recorded vignettes and a trailer that provide insight into your company and STEAM industry(ies). Shown year-round. $12,500
Community Shares
Featured Industry Article Series Up to 12 featured articles (blog posts) that provide insight into your company and STEAM industry(ies). $2,500
Community Shares
Work-Based Learning Experience Create a custom work-based learning experience by customizing our curriculum based upon your job descriptions $5,000
Community Shares
Video/Letter Recommendations Create videos and letters of recommendations based on learners submitted Proof of Work then receive first round interview opportunities from each session’s talent pipeline $150
Community Shares
STEAM Career Photo Shoot Provide learners with the insight they need by capturing the essence of what it means to work in your STEAM industry. $500
Community Shares
Thought Leadership Meetup Join our Think Tank to develop our 14-point policies and deliverables system for our edtech learning platform $1500
Community Shares

Total Sponsorship: $22,150

Sponsorship Levels

Workshop Description Sponsorship
Gamers & Mixers Gaming Leagues, Competitions and “Reverse” Career Fairs $50
Pop Shops School-Based Enterprises, Fundraisers and Social Ventures $50
Legacies & Millennials Mentoring & Leadership Training $50
CNIC Community On Demand Network Investment Club $50
JEM-TV News JEM Team that manages and promotes digital media content throughout the CoD Network $50
Leadership Workshop JEM Team Management Online Course $50

Total Sponsorship: $2,070

Sponsorship Levels

Motivation Life Lesson Sponsorship
Creativity Strive to bring imagination, original ideas and excitement to everything you do $10
Pioneering Act with the curiosity and courage it takes to experiment, innovate and lead $20
Passion We are at our best when we pursue what we love, and have fun doing it. $30
Determination Bring focus, drive and conviction to our actions, thrive on the journey, and be motivated to achieve excellence. $40
Lifelong Learning Listen, have humility and be open to new ways of thinking by challenging yourself to grow and change. $50
Teamwork Commit to each other, and to the accountability and integrity it takes to be a successful global team. $100

Total Sponsorship: $300

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