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Our real world “game of life” strengthens a learner’s skills through community-based service learning projects.

“Community On Demand makes thinking fun.”
– Mrs. Hinchberger’s 6th-8th Grade Focus Group 

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Stimulate Creative Thinking!

Prepare Youth and Young Adults for College & Career

Use a combination of skill cards, skill counts, STEAM Education egift cards, digital badges, and micro-certifications to assess skill growth and reward student achievement as learners use their skills, knowledge and creativity to increase their contribution values and solve real world problems.


Learners with the highest contribution values win the game!

Five Achievement Domains

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Career Awareness & Exploration

5 Digital Badges
$10.00 Contribution Value

Helps learners identify and explore local resources within their community.

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

12 Digital Badges
$20.00 Contribution Value

Teaches economic & business development skills.

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Workforce Readiness & Personal Branding

17 Digital Badges
$30.00 Contribution Value

Teaches project management and job readiness skills.

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STEAM Clusters, Pathways & Industries

18 Digital Badges
$40.00 Contribution Value

Introduces STEAM industries and career-building opportunities.

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Leadership, Team-building & Problem Solving

11 Digital Badges
$50.00 Contribution Value

Rewards development and implementation of creative solutions and effective leadership.

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Create Innovative Learning Opportunities

The Socio-Economic Impact

By addressing the socio-economic conditions that are negatively impacting their local communities, learners are able to strengthen, measure and track the high-demand skills they use to create their Community On Demand impact solutions and service-learning projects.

Aging Infrastructure

To determine if your community’s land use planning process no longer supports the buildings and spaces that provide services, activities and opportunities for growth

Changing Climate

To determine if community members are noticing and feeling the impact from the gradual changes occurring in your community’s usual weather patterns

Depressed Economy

To determine if your community’s economy has slowed down and if there is widespread unemployment, lack of investments and scarce demand for consumer goods

Environmental Stresses

To determine if your community’s ecosystem is experiencing pressures on its environment caused by an increase in human activities (i.e. pollution) or by a natural phenomena (i.e. drought, pandemic, fire, flood, etc.)

Shifting Demographics

To determine if your community is experiencing trends from political and economic decisions that have shifted family expenses, wages, social activities, the population’s overall makeup and the availability of resources

Uncertain Energy Prices

To determine if your community needs to raise living standards, provide access to modern energy services, use energy more efficiently, protect the global environment and ensure reliable energy supplies

Key Focus Areas for Social Impact

  • Civic Leadership

    Expands opportunities for application of high-demand employability skills within their local economies

  • Health & Wellness

    Improves physical, mental, emotional and behavioral health of students and families by increasing awareness and utilization of the benefits offered by the health and wellness service providers within their communities

  • Agricultural Sciences & Urban Design

    Identifies, assesses and converts underutilized areas into multi-use green spaces for community enjoyment and preservation

  • Introduction to STEAM Career Clusters

    Creates youth-based employment opportunities within their local economies

  • Social Entrepreneurship

    Provides financial literacy programming and fundraising opportunities through job shadowing, mentorship, school-based enterprises, service-learning projects and social enterprises that address socio-economic issues within each Community On Demand

  • Environmental Engineering, Exploration & Stewardship

    Helps students understand their role in sustaining their natural and built environment by using digital media technologies to capture, value, present and celebrate the availability and effective use of resources within their community’s ecosystem.


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