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Our Mission

Use Community On Demand to facilitate meaningful conversations about the required academic knowledge, technical expertise, and “employability skills” needed to create, secure and retain career-building opportunities.

The STEM Direct Youth Chamber of Commerce
Official Membership Program for The Community On Demand Digital Society

A Registered Member of the

The Community On Demand digital society is comprised of the students, educators, mentors, volunteers, community and leaders that work together to implement solutions that sustain purpose-built communities.

$10/yr Membership Fee

Attend Leadership Workshops to form or join Junior Executive Management (JEM) Teams and begin game play.


Game Play Benefits

  • Perfect for K-College youth & young adults
  • Increased contribution value of STEAM skills
  • Higher wage strategies and increased earning potential
  • Universal micro-credentials and open badge awards
  • Better opportunities for career advancement

$55/yr Membership Fee

Attend Train-The-Trainer workshops to purchase a curriculum license for your organization.


Game Play Benefits

  • Perfect for educators, mentors, instructors, executive/leadership development trainers and life coaches
  • Proven curriculum that helps students/job seekers immediately define, measure, build and name up to 63 high-demand STEAM skills
  • Effective work-based learning strategies that easily incorporates into CTE/STEAM curriculum, professional development and On-The-Job Training

$99-149/yr Membership Fee

Request A FREE Consultation to develop a partnership plan for your business/non-profit.


Game Play Benefits

  • Perfect for school districts, business owners, nonprofit organizations, community groups, executive/advisory boards, and human resource professionals
  • Foster a highly-skilled and diverse workforce while reducing turnover, onboarding and training costs
  • Ensure higher productivity from a workforce with tailored skill-sets to meet your needs

Step 2. Complete Basic Training
Leadership Boot Camp (Workshops & Consultations)

Attend fun training sessions to get you ready for game play

JEM Team Leadership Workshops
$10 – 79 per person

An introduction to Community On Demand and the leadership, team-building and problem-solving skills required to play and win.

Membership fee included


Community On Demand Train-The-Trainer Workshops
$55 – 349 per person

Learn how to incorporate Community On Demand into your curriculum and use our dynamics of our game pieces, Money Guide and digital badging system to assess and measure standards-based employability skills.

Membership fee included


NEXT Steps Partners In Education Consultation

Request a free consultation to develop a flexible, blended-learning employment solution for your business, community group, educational institution or non-profit organization.

Membership not included

Request FREE Consultation

Community On Demand Meetup Group

Join our volunteer meetup group to stay up to date on our Community Connections volunteer opportunities and service events.

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CoD + Nepris
Connecting Learners & Industry Professionals

Professionals now have the opportunity to use Community On Demand and Nepris to share their skills and knowledge with learners to inspire the next generation of the workforce.

Step 3. Play The Game
Buy Your Community On Demand Game Pieces

Pieces sold individually or in sets and toolkits for groups and educators.

Community On Demand Card Game

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STEAM Skills Assessment Worksheet

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STEAM Skills Assessment Game Board

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Community On Demand Game Set

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Thanks To Our Partners In Education

Engage. Empower. Employ.

Community On Demand is revolutionizing the way STEAM education is taught!

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