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Use Community On Demand to facilitate meaningful conversations about the required academic knowledge, technical expertise, and “employability skills” needed to create, secure and retain career-building opportunities.

The STEM Direct Youth Chamber of Commerce
Official Membership Program of the Community On Demand Card Game

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The STEM Direct Youth Chamber of Commerce is where the students, educators, mentors, volunteers, community and leaders that play Community On Demand work together to create and implement sustainable impact solutions for their purpose-built communities.

  • Step 1. Select Your Membership or Professional Development Package

    Decide which STEM Direct Youth Chamber Membership Level or Community On Demand Professional Development curriculum package you want.

  • Step 2. Confirm Number of Participants

    Use our custom curriculum builder to provide the number of participants that will be included in your membership registration or professional development curriculum package.

  • Step 3. Choose Your Game Strategy

    Review the list of Community On Demand game strategies to develop the best learning experiences for yourself and your learners.  Request a FREE Consultation for assistance.

  • Step 4. Purchase Your Game Pieces

    Visit our online Pop Shop to purchase the products and services you need to implement your game strategies.

  • Step 5. Purchase Additional Training Tools

    Enjoy our online courses, workshops and special events that enhance the learning experience through our five skill-building achievement domains.

Select the Professional Development Package that’s right for you.

. . . Or Create Your Own

CTE/STEAM Curriculum

Attend Leadership Workshops for developing Junior Executive Management (JEM) Teams and their game play agendas.

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Career Development

Attend Train-The-Trainer workshops for The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Activity Workbook and Employability Skills Framework.

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Work-Based Learning

Attend Train-The-Trainer Workshops to develop work-based learning projects through the Community On Demand Digital Media Network.

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Professional Development Package

$1,200 /per person
  • JEM Team Leadership Workshop
  • JEM Team Agenda & Lesson Plans
  • 5 Community On Demand Game Sets
  • Engage in digital and local learning experiences
  • Upload original digital media content
  • Issue digital badges, micro-credentials and eGift card sponsorship funding
  • Develop digital portfolios
  • Earn additional funding and resources via in-game currencies

Professional Development Package

$2,500 /per person
  • CTE/STEAM Curriculum Package


  • Train-The-Trainer Workshop
  • Money Guide Lesson Plans
  • 5 additional Community On Demand Game Sets
  • License for Money Guide online courses
  • 1 Gamers & Mixers Career Fair Booth
  • 1 Pass – Legacies & Millennials Mentor Meetup
  • 1 Annual CoD+Nepris Subscription (1 classroom)

Professional Development Package

$4,500 /per person
  • Career Development Package


  • 5 additional Community On Demand Game Sets
  • 1 Partnership Plan Development Session
  • 1 Custom Digital Badge Fundraising Collection
  • 1 FREE Digital Ad on NEXT Steps Website (STEAM Career Page)

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Community On Demand is revolutionizing the way employability skills are developed!

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