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Our Mission

Use Community On Demand to facilitate meaningful conversations about the required academic knowledge, technical expertise, and “employability skills” needed to create, secure and retain career-building opportunities.

The STEM Direct Youth Chamber of Commerce
Official Membership Program for The Community On Demand Digital Society

A Registered Member of the

The Community On Demand digital society is comprised of the students, educators, mentors, volunteers, community and leaders that work together to implement solutions that sustain purpose-built communities.

$10/yr Membership Fee

Attend Leadership Workshops to form or join Junior Executive Management (JEM) Teams and begin game play.

Member Benefits

  • Engage in digital and local learning experiences
  • Share with peers, parents, mentors and educators
  • Earn digital badges for applied employability skills
  • Develop digital portfolios
  • Contribute learning content to the Community On Demand digital media network

$55/yr Membership Fee

Attend Train-The-Trainer workshops to purchase a curriculum license for your class or group.

Member Benefits

  • Customize and promote the Community On Demand learning ecosystem
  • Curate work-based learning content and experiences
  • Build/support local Community On Demand projects with our Business & Industry Partners
  • Secure resources & funding for peer-supported platform

$99-149/yr Membership Fee

Request A FREE Consultation to develop a partnership plan for your business, school, program or non-profit.

Member Benefits

  • Create and provide work-based learning experiences for youth and their teams
  • Issue our industry-recognized digital badges
  • Participate in Community On Demand projects and play dates
  • Support local initiatives
  • Provide and support learning and career experiences
  • Promote and design digital badge collections for desired employability skillsets
  • Integrate digital badges into hiring and enrollment processes

Step 1. Become A Member
Purchase A Community On Demand Card Deck

Anyone that buys a Community On Demand card deck automatically becomes a General Member of the STEM Direct Youth Chamber of Commerce!

Community On Demand Card Game

Buy Now

STEAM Skills Assessment Worksheet

Buy Now

STEAM Skills Assessment Game Board

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Money Guide Workbook & Online Courses

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Step 3. Complete Basic Training
Leadership Boot Camp (Workshops & Consultations)

Attend fun training sessions to get you ready to play and win Community On Demand!

JEM Team Leadership Workshops
$10 – 79 per person

An introduction to Community On Demand and the leadership, team-building and problem-solving skills required to play and win.

Membership fee included


Community On Demand Train-The-Trainer Workshops
$55 – 349 per person

Learn how to incorporate Community On Demand into your curriculum and use our dynamics of our game pieces, Money Guide and digital badging system to assess and measure standards-based employability skills.

Membership fee included


NEXT Steps Partnership Plan Consultation

Request a free consultation to develop a flexible, blended-learning employment solution for your business, community group, educational institution or non-profit organization.

Membership not included

Request FREE Consultation

Community On Demand Meetup Group

Join our volunteer meetup group to stay up to date on our Community Connections volunteer opportunities and service events.

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CoD + Nepris
Connecting Learners & Industry Professionals

Professionals now have the opportunity to use Community On Demand and Nepris to share their skills and knowledge with learners to inspire the next generation of the workforce.

Engage. Empower. Employ.

Community On Demand is revolutionizing the way STEAM education is taught!

Download our FREE fact sheet to learn how  we use financial literacy, digital technologies, entertainment and entrepreneurship to prepare youth and young workers for college and career.

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