CTE/STEAM Curriculum & Employability Skills Development

CTE/STEAM Curriculum & Employability Skills Development
Professional Development Training Series (Part 1)


Learn how Community On Demand makes the connection between Career & Technical Education (CTE) Curriculum, all STEAM Career Clusters and employability skills development for college and career readiness

 Supports CTE Curriculum Developed by the National CTE Association Career Clusters


CTE/STEAM Curriculum & Employability Skills Development (Part 1) – $150/person
2 Hour Professional Development Training Session


You will receive:

  • 1 Community On Demand  Card Deck
  • 1 Community On Demand Skills Assessment Worksheet (Single Player)
  • 1 Community On Demand Skills Assessment Worksheet (Team Player)
  • 1 Community On Demand Game Board
  • 1 Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Activity Workbook
  • 1 Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Activity Worksheet Kit (BONUS)

You will learn how to use the Community On Demand learning tools to:

  • Conduct skills pre & post self-assessments
  • Visualize the career mapping conversation
  • Explain the roles of a leadership team and how they make decisions
  • Create and calculate the value of a STEAM skillset
  • Develop a financial and digital portfolio
  • Track and measure skill development and growth

Program Benefits
Participants of the CTE/STEAM Curriculum Skills Development Training Workshop will be able to:

  • Help learners quickly define, measure, build and name up to 63 high-demand employable skills
  • Help learners assign value to their applied skills
  • Create and present professional documents that verify their proof of work and achievements
  • Identify and develop a network of local contributors and resources to support student growth and achievement through project-based learning
  • Recognize and award skills-based micro-certifications that verify specific competencies for college and career readiness


  • Increased connections to peers and mentors associated with a learner’s passions
  • Increased youth engagement in self-directed learning
  • Increased youth role in connecting with the educators, mentors, STEAM professionals and businesses within their Local Contributor Network
  • Increased youth pursuit of personalized learning path;
  • Out-of-school, online, and in-school learning integration
  • Improved youth perseverance, hope, and confidence in ability to learn and succeed in area of passion
  • Strong youth social and professional networks
  • Youth technical expertise and mastery in their chosen passion
  • Youth civic engagement
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Your ability to help disenfranchised individuals develop their life and high-demand STEAM skills

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