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Job Shadowing
The Work-based Learning Experience

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Level 1. Individual Game Play STEAM Skills Self-Assessment
Learners are introduced to the Community On Demand card game and are taught how to establish base line contribution values of their high demand employability skills by conducting a self-paced or guided assessment.
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Key Activities & Deliverables

Job shadowing places students in workplaces to interact with and observe one or more employees.

A job shadowing experience can help the student learn more about the nature of the job and the work environment as well as the education and training required to succeed.

Job shadowing experiences are sometimes the first opportunities for students to observe the workplace and to interact with employees for more in-depth exposure to both careers and workplaces.



Apply to host the Community On Demand job shadowing WBL experience at your facility.



Request a FREE 1-Hr Consultation to learn how to integrate the Community On Demand job shadowing WBL experience into your existing training programs and curricula.



Execute a training agreement, growth strategy and implementation plan to ensure a meaningful job shadowing WBL experience



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How To Coordinate The Community On Demand
Job Shadowing Work-based Learning Experience

About The Job Shadowing Experience

Level 1. Individual Game Play

The Community On Demand Job Shadowing Work-Based Learning Experience gives students the opportunity to self-assess up to 63 of their high-demand employability skills.



During the Community On Demand Job Shadowing Work-Based Learning Experience, game play requires that both the student and employee/STEAM professional include the following engagement activities:

  • Introductions and welcome
  • Overview of industry and organization
  • Workplace tour
  • Individual or small group shadowing time
  • Wrap-up and reflection


Suggested Grade/Learner Level (s)

6-12th Grades; College; Post-secondary, Young Adult, Adult (Professional Development & Continuing Education)



Recommended: Three (3) job shadowing experiences within one competition cycle






Standard #1 within all CTE STEAM Career Clusters and Pathways course curricula


Related Classroom Instruction

Community On Demand Card Game and Skills Assessment Worksheet


Work-Based Learning Coordinator Qualifications

The WBL coordinator/Community On Demand Mentor does not need to be certified in the career field but should have knowledge of the career pathways to effectively implement a meaningful job shadowing experience.


Student Eligibility

Students must purchase the Community On Demand card game set in order to complete Level 1 game play.


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