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Sponsors one (1) badge from the Career Awareness & Exploration Achievement Domain.

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Hero Banner Ad 1600 x 500

$525.00 – $2,100.00

$175/Month Ad Placement & Exploration (Minimum 3 month ad buy required)

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Leaderboard 1540 x 180

$225.00 – $900.00

$75/Month Ad Placement (Minimum 3 month ad buy required).

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Logo/Square Ad 125 x 125

$75.00 – $300.00

$25/Month Ad Placement (Minimum 3 month ad buy required)

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Rectangle Ad 700 X 350

$150.00 – $600.00

$50/Month Ad Placement (Minimum 3 month ad buy required)

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Sidebar Ad 300 x 300

$105.00 – $420.00

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Skyscraper Ad 300 X 700

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Additional Support Services
Extend Your Community Impact

Our Youth Chamber of Commerce provides support services that extend Community On Demand game play to help employers and entrepreneurs create, secure and retrain skilled workers and grow their businesses. 

Community On Demand Network Investment Club

Apply to have your project sponsored by the Community On Demand marketing cooperative and receive additional marketing, investment and monetization strategies from our digital media network.


Pop Shop Studios Affiliate Program

Join our affiliate program to market, sell and distribute new and innovative products, services and digital media content that will provide funding to sustain our digital media network.


The Fab Lab Community Development Resource Center

Apply to become a member of The Fab Lab research and development team whose job is to create and manage community involvement growth strategies for the digital media network.


Marketing, Advertising & Promotions

Encourage sponsors, investors, donors and local businesses to show their support for STEAM Education by purchasing our marketing, advertising and promotional products.


Want To Mentor, Train or Hire A JEM Team But Don't Know How?

Become A Member • Get Started Today!

Engagement Rules for Partners In Education

  • All opportunities posted on our job board must focus on employable competencies and high-demand STEAM skills
  • All posts must be designated as one of the five work-based learning experiences we offer (i.e. job shadowing, mentorship, etc.)
  • All opportunities must clearly state if it is a paid opportunity or an opportunity that provides stipends ( through eGift card sponsorships)
  • All posts must require deliverables of digital media content that must be submitted to The NEXT Steps Youth Entrepreneur Program (photos, audio files, videos, etc.)
  • All submitted content will be used for peer-to-peer instruction and will be distributed through all available channels of the Community On Demand Digital Media Network. 
  • All work-based learning opportunities posted through this job board are for the sole purpose of playing the Community On Demand card game. 
  • All opportunities must integrate our Digital Badge & Skillcoin Rewards System to issue micro-credentials at the completion of each training session.
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