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Game Strategies
For Skills Development, Leadership Training & Professional Development

Community On Demand is a “business in a box” card game curriculum that uses financial literacy, digital technology, entertainment and entrepreneurship digital economy as game play strategies to strengthen employability skills. Use any of our strategies below to develop your Community On Demand curriculum:

CTE/STEAM Curriculum

 Form a Junior Executive Management Team and four levels of game play to assess and strengthen the employability skills of your learners (for single and team players)

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Career Development

Utilize your impact solutions to create and secure work-based learning and career-building opportunities through the Community On Demand digital media network.

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Convert your impact solution(s) into a work-based learning project for a local business or nonprofit organization within your community.

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Game Strategy #1.
Four Levels Of Game Play

Single Play

Skills Assessments

A fun way to quickly measure the total number and contribution value of your employability skills.

Team Play


Form/Join a JEM Team to put your leadership, team-building and problem-solving skills to the test.


Financial Literacy

Use your STEAM skills to crowdfund resources that will support your impact solutions and service-learning projects.



Convert your impact solutions and service-learning projects into social ventures then package and pitch your final outcomes.


  • Civic Leadership

    Expands opportunities for application of high-demand employability skills within their local economies

  • Health & Wellness

    Improves physical, mental, emotional and behavioral health of students and families by increasing awareness and utilization of the benefits offered by the health and wellness service providers within their communities

  • Agricultural Sciences & Urban Design

    Identifies, assesses and converts underutilized areas into multi-use green spaces for community enjoyment and preservation

  • Introduction to STEAM Career Clusters

    Creates youth-based employment opportunities within their local economies

  • Social Entrepreneurship

    Provides financial literacy programming and fundraising opportunities through job shadowing, mentorship, school-based enterprises, service-learning projects and social enterprises that address socio-economic issues within each Community On Demand

  • Environmental Engineering, Exploration & Stewardship

    Helps students understand their role in sustaining their natural and built environment by using digital media technologies to capture, value, present and celebrate the availability and effective use of resources within their community’s ecosystem.

Game Strategy #2.
Career Training via The CoD Digital Media Network


CoD Network Investment Club

Compiles data from JEM Teams and all four levels of game play to improve in-game performance

Money Guide Brand Ambassadors

Ensures all programs are consistent with the teachings of The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs

Content Creators
JEM-TV News Teams

JEM Team members that create and submit content to help tell the story of their team and the Partners In Education Network they represent.

Pop Shop Studios

JEM Teams that take game play to the ultimate level by converting their impact solutions into social ventures

In-Game Service-Learning Projects

Select a project that your Junior Executive Management Team will use for game play.

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Gamers & Mixers Competition League

JEM Teams compete through all four levels of game play to collect the highest amount of digital currencies and win cash, prizes and the opportunity to present their project results to the Legacy Council for further development.

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Community Connections
Volunteer Program

Practice using your leadership, team-building and problem solving skills by joining the Community On Demand meetup group and earning volunteer hours to help solve real world challenges.

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Investor/Mentor Meetups

Apply to be paired with STEAM professionals, philanthropists and educators in your community that can help convert your impact solution into sustainable fundraisers and social ventures.

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Junior Drone Discovery Initiative & JEM-TV News Team

Competition for Junior drone pilots, photographers, videographers and film crews that wish to join the JEM-TV News Team. Submit original content and report what’s happening in your local community in real time.

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The ATWOOD Model Urban/Rural Design Competition

Help small and family-owned land owners create revenue-generating community involvement growth strategies and new master use plans for their farms and properties.


Fan Art Series
The Oracle Prophet & The 17 Realms

Help create a fantasy world whose stories follow the journey of young warrior skillsmen from The 17 Realms of S.T.E.A.M. and the prophetess that holds the keys to their knowledge.

In-Game Crowdfunding Campaigns

Game Strategy #3.
Career Training Through Local Community Partners


Aging Infrastructure

To determine if your community’s land use planning process no longer supports the buildings and spaces that provide services, activities and opportunities for growth

Changing Climate

To determine if community members are noticing and feeling the impact from the gradual changes occurring in your community’s usual weather patterns

Depressed Economy

To determine if your community’s economy has slowed down and if there is widespread unemployment, lack of investments and scarce demand for consumer goods

Environmental Stresses

To determine if your community’s ecosystem is experiencing pressures on its environment caused by an increase in human activities (i.e. pollution) or by a natural phenomena (i.e. drought, pandemic, fire, flood, etc.)

Shifting Demographics

To determine if your community is experiencing trends from political and economic decisions that have shifted family expenses, wages, social activities, the population’s overall makeup and the availability of resources

Uncertain Energy Prices

To determine if your community needs to raise living standards, provide access to modern energy services, use energy more efficiently, protect the global environment and ensure reliable energy supplies

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