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The Community On Demand™
Creative Economy Wheel

The Challenge

Turn your community into a creative economy!

Use the Community On Demand™ card game and creative economy wheel to complete eight design challenges that  teach you how to maximize underutilized resources, protect natural habitats, and enhance available green spaces within your local community.

Your design must:

  • Incorporate the five key business components of the Community On Demand Creative Economy Wheel (see below)
  • Collaborate with individuals and businesses from your local STEAM Career Clusters
  • Celebrate local cultures and heritages of the surrounding communities within a 40 mile radius of your high-impact activity area.

    Five Key Agritourism Components:

    Education & Training – things to learn
    Direct Sales/Entrepreneurship – things to sell
    Hospitality & Tourism – things to eat & places to sleep
    Arts & Entertainment – things to do
    Outdoor Recreation – things to explore

How To Play


Use the Community On Demand™ card deck and Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Activity Workbooks to choose which game you play.


Register to join the Community On Demand™ esports design competition.


Form a JEM Team to identify a challenge area that needs redesigning within your local community


Discover which industries, skill-based specializations, functions and resources are available within your challenge area


Design the products, services, innovative ideas, impact solutions and team needed to create & sustain a high-impact activity area

High-Impact Area Design Ideas and their STEAM Career Clusters
Luxury Goods
It is important to celebrate skills in creativity and expertise within the sustainable fashion design industry while promoting the use of ethical merchandising practices.
Retail & Merchandising
Food Distribution System
Understanding how to manage a food pantry and create awareness campaign to teach the community about healthy eating, the farm to fork process, food innovations, food technologies, food industry economics and the science behind the food we eat.
Agriculture & Transportation
Defense & Masonry
Establishing a foundational infrastructure ensures safety and provides the means for innovative architectural and structural designs.
Law & Public Safety
Technology & Electronics
Digital literacy, data analysis, and technology-driven problem-solving skills are needed to enhance understanding and stewardship of the natural environment.
Information Technology
Fishing, Aquaculture & Wildlife Sanctuary
Skills in fishing and marine biology, sustainable aquaculture, and effective techniques for conserving aquatic ecosystems increases stewardship of our creeks, streams, oceans and waterways.
Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
Power & Energy
Create hands-on learning in renewable energy technologies, conservation practices, and the responsible use of natural resources promotes sustainable energy solutions throughout the natural landscapes.
Green Energy & Sustainable Technologies
Transportation & Mechanics
Share knowledge and hands-on experience in sustainable transportation methods, vehicle maintenance, and eco-friendly mobility solutions in order to successfully intertwine the natural and built environments.
Transportation, Logistics & Distribution
Lumber & Forestry
Cultivate expertise in sustainable forestry practices, lumber recycling and production techniques, and conservation methods to promote responsible woodland management and habitat preservation.
Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
Textiles & Manufacturing
The manufacturing of textiles inspired by and sourced through nature breeds entrepreneurship, innovation, and artistic expression through the design, production, and marketing of unique, locally-made products.
Agriculture & Farming
Cultivating proficiency in organic and sustainable farming techniques, crop cultivation, and responsible land stewardship promotes the harmony of agriculture with the natural environment.
Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
Livestock & Veterinary Science
A great emphasis on the well-being and health of animals within our natural habitat nurtures skills in animal husbandry, veterinary care, and ethical livestock management.
Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
Health, Wellness & Horticulture Therapy
The integration of horticultural therapy, equine therapy and holistic health practices create nurturing connections between individuals and the natural world.
Health Sciences & Human Services
Arts & Entertainment
In order to strengthen overall community engagement and economic prosperity, we must cultivate cultural enrichment, attract tourism, stimulate local business, and provide a platform for creative expression.
Arts, A/V Tech & Communications
The Community On Demand Design Challenge
The Innovation Center is responsible for cultivating visionary leadership, creative problem-solving, and effective collaborations and is governed by the members of The STEM Direct Youth Chamber of Commerce.
The STEAM Investigative Process
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How To Win


The Community On Demand card deck offers six unique skill-building games that can be played independently or together as a team.  Build your contribution values by creating project-based learning experiences that allow you to use your skills to address negative socio-economic conditions and develop meaningful impact solutions that will benefit your community. The players whose impact solutions add the highest contribution values to their community win the game

Skill cards with a
$10 Contribution Value


Career Awareness & Exploration


Use the Career Awareness & Exploration Achievement Domain skill cards to visualize your career mapping conversation and develop a plan of action for creating and implementing your impact solution.


Innovation & Entrepreneurship


Pair the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Achievement Domain skill cards with the Funding Opportunities skill card (from the Career Awareness Achievement Domain) to understand each function of a business or career-building opportunity that you wish to secure, start, manage, expand, acquire or close.

Skill cards with a
$20 Contribution Value

Skill cards with a
$30 Contribution Value


Workforce Readiness & Personal Branding


Pair the Workforce Readiness & Personal Branding Achievement Domain skill cards with the Career Awareness skill card (from the Career Awareness Achievement Domain) to assess your level of readiness to pursue any life or career-building opportunities.


STEAM Career Clusters & Pathways


Pair the STEAM Career Clusters & Pathways Achievement Domain skill cards with the Career Exploration skill card (from the Career Awareness Achievement Domain) to craft your unique career pathway and determine which industries your products, services, and innovative ideas impact. 

Skill cards with a
$40 Contribution Value

Skill cards with a
$50 Contribution Value


Leadership, Teamwork & Creative Problem-Solving


Use the Leadership, Teamwork & Creative Problem-Solving Achievement Domain skill cards to form and assign roles and responsibilities to your Junior Executive Management (JEM) Team.  Use the Decision Maker skill cards to assess and manage the things that influence how you make decisions.  Pair all leadership skill cards with the Salary skill card (from the Career Awareness Achievement Domain) to determine the qualifies you have to negotiate the value of your role on a team or project.

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