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Thanks for helping us provide award-winning programs and services throughout Metro Atlanta since 2008!

Celebrating 10 Years of Service!

Members of our network — students, teachers, volunteers, STEAM mentors, nonprofits and for-profit businesses — use digital badges to collaborate and create service-learning projects that strengthen the communities they live, work, learn, play & travel in.

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Member Benefits Volunteers Students JEM Teams Mentors Nonprofits For Profits
Can make donations to fund service-learning projects here X X X X X X
Can get digital badges sponsored  here or here X X X X X X
Can earn Skillcoin Rewards  here or here X X
Can create service-learning projects  Link X X X X
Can request Impact Funds for projects and ventures Link X
Can receive grants and scholarships from Partners In Education Network Link X X X X X

The Community On Demand Investment Club (CoDIC)
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