Intro To The Community On Demand™ Creative Economy for Mentors


Learn how developing a strategist mindset, understanding different critical thinking approaches, and calculating the value of your skillset helps build and sustain the Community On Demand™ creative economy.

*Mentor Membership & Community On Demand™ card deck included



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Mentors, Educators & Instructors
Leadership Development Pathway






Skill LevelS

8 to 16




The “Intro to the Community On Demand™ Creative Economy for Mentors” course offers mentors invaluable insights and tools to effectively guide and support young innovators on how to build and sustain a thriving ecosystem. 

  • The STEAM Investigative Process: Equips learners with a structured approach to problem-solving and critical thinking in STEAM fields via engaging activities, skill-building exercises and a deeper understanding of the impact value their skills create.
  • Different Approaches to Critical Thinking:  Enhances critical thinking skills through practical activities, enabling learners to analyze complex problems, make informed decisions, and excel in academic and professional endeavors.
  • The Strategist Mindset: Cultivates strategic thinking abilities through mind-mapping exercises and empowers individuals to plan, execute, and achieve their goals effectively in diverse personal and professional domains.
Includes a Mentor membership & One (1) Community On Demand card deck.

Mentor Membership

Individuals, Mentors, Instructors & Educators
$ 55 Per Year
  • Create and post (7) project and work-based learning experiences per session
  • STEM Direct Youth Chamber of Commerce Membership Orientation
  • Eligible to request funding from the Impact Project Fund
  • Up to 10% Off NEXT Steps Programs
  • Invitation to seasonal events
  • Group FUN Pass for 5% discount off select products and activities
  • Early registration for all professional development workshops

Intro To The Creative Economy

$ 99 Per Person
  • Mentor Membership

  • One (1) Community On Demand™ basic game set
  • Intro to the Community On Demand Creative Economy for Mentors
  • Intro To The STEAM Investigative Process + Activity Worksheets
  • Critical Thinking Approaches + Activity Worksheets
  • The Strategist Mindset + Activity Worksheets

VIP Discovery Workshop

Self-Paced or Guided Instruction
$ 149 Per Person
  • Intro To The Creative Economy


    Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Online Courses (Lessons 1-3)
  • The Stakeholder's Dilemma + Activity Worksheets
  • Intro To Community On Demand™ Digital Media Network
  • Community On Demand™ Skills Self-Assessment & STEAM Capability Report​
  • VIP Evaluation Reports & Surveys

JEM Team Management 101

Self-Paced or Guided Instruction
$ 250 Per Person
  • VIP Discovery Workshop


    Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Online Course & Activity Workbook​
  • JEM Team Management Course
  • The Community Involvement Growth Strategy (CIGS) Model

SIP Instructors Certification

Guided Instruction
(14-16 Weeks)
$ 419 Per Person
  • JEM Team Leadership 101

  • Money Guide Educator's Play Book & Lesson Plans
  • Community Shares & STEAM Education eGift Card Allocation Funds​
  • SIP Instructors Certification & Badge


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