Community On Demand™ Skills Assessment Worksheets (3)(Multi-Player)


Community On Demand™ Skills Self-Assessment Worksheet (Download)
Multi Player

One letter-sized project-based mapping checklists that is used with the skill cards from the Community On Demand™ card deck. Comes with game instructions and a think tank doodle space on the back to give teams extra room for mapping out their thoughts. Great help for:

  • Teams that need to track how they use their employability skills to solve real-world problems.
  • Workforce development agencies, Career, Technical & Education courses, corporate hiring managers, mentors, college recruiters, leadership development courses, etc.
  • Filling out job or college applications, creating pitch presentations, developing mission statements or designing/conducting team projects.
  • Teams participating in the Gamers & Mixers Esports Competition League
  • Learners of any age (8 to adult)




Skills Self- Assessment Worksheets

Color-Coded Mapping Grid

These letter-sized skills mapping checklists help learners quickly track, measure and calculate the value of skills they have based on how they develop innovative ideas, make decisions and solve problems. Great for:
Single Player


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