Intro To The Community On Demand™ Creative Economy for Business


Intro To The Community On Demand™ Creative Economy
Leadership Development Course

A course that explains what The Community On Demand™ creative economy is and how it provides learning experiences that help learners develop a strategist mindset, an understanding of different critical thinking approaches, and knowledge of the value their skillset contributes to society.



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The STEAM Investigative Process (SIP)
Certification Course

a unique communications method for individuals with different thinking styles

Skills Self-Assessments

Use our skills mapping grids to define, measure, build and name your high-demand employability skills

The Strategist Mindset

Learn how to identify and understand the four types of roles individuals play when making decisions and solving problems

SIP Approach To Critical Thinking

Learn how to acknowledge various mindsets and leverage existing resources in order to produce high quality, effective and optimized outputs

The STEAM Investigative Process

Learn how our five-step process creates effective, uniformed communication channels for collaboration, goal-setting, and growth.

The Stakeholder's Dilemma

Learn how The STEAM Investigative Process and Community On Demand card game is used to develop strategic plans and create impact solutions that solve real-world problems.

Community On Demand™ Business Canvas Model

Learn how to use the Community On Demand™ card game and your STEAM Investigative Process to populate your Business Canvas Model

"Community On Demand™ is the best curriculum I think I’ve ever been involved with, and I sure hope you embrace it like I do."
LeeAnn Hinchberger
6th-8th Grade Teacher | Dobbins Middle School
Paulding County School District


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