Community On Demand™ Game Board


A reusable 18″ x 24″ project-based mapping tool that allows learners to visually see applied use of their employability skills in real time. This game board makes skill development, team building and creative problem-solving fun!




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The Career Mapping Conversation

The Community On Demand™ game board uses five color-coded achievement domains to bring the career mapping conversation to life!

Together, with the Community On Demand™ card deck, learners can quickly identify the skills they have and figure out the skills they need to develop a mission statement, locate financial resources and get closer to achieving their life, business and career goals.

NOTE: Community On Demand™ card deck not included.

Career Awareness & Exploration

The Career Awareness and Exploration achievement domain helps learners visualize the career mapping conversation and explore local resources.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The Innovation & Entrepreneurship achievement domain helps learners strengthen their skills in economics & business development.

Workforce Readiness & Personal Branding

The Workforce Readiness & Personal Branding achievement domain helps learners identify their level of readiness for life, business, college, career and community reinvestment.

STEAM Career Clusters

The STEAM Career Clusters achievement domain ensures STEAM career pathways are introduced through project-based learning

Leadership, Teamwork & Problem-Solving

The Leadership, Teamwork & Problem-Solving achievement domain helps learners recognize key leadership roles they serve in and the things that influence how they make decisions.


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