Define Your Solution Mini Course


Define Your Solutions Mini Course
Lesson 2 from the Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Online Master Course
Includes the Mission Statement STEAM Education Trading Card

Learn how to:
•  Develop a written mission statement
•  Investigate people, places and things
•  Complete the “T” formation challenge
•  Clearly define your plan of action

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Do Better • Think Bigger • Share


The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs helps students build the marketplace value of their STEAM skills by using trading cards to earn digital badges that verify how they apply their skills to solve real world challenges in communities where they live, work, learn, play and travel.

Students Learn How To:

    1. Implement the STEAM Investigative Process STEAM Skills Digital Badge
    2. Research community resources and the socio-economic indicators that drive the community ecosystem Community Ecosystem Leadership Digital Badge
    3. Design impact solutions to address, reduce or eliminate socio-economic conditions to improve the community ecosystem Mission Statement Program Digital Badge
    4. Build a Junior Executive Management (JEM) Team Leadership Digital Badge
    5. Plan a service-learning project and digital media content to document progress and achievement Budget Task Digital Badge
    6. Coordinate a distribution and monetization strategy for the Community On Demand Digital Media Network Time Management Task Digital Badge
    7. Package and promote your achievements and evaluate the marketplace value of you impact solutions Competitive Advantage Project Digital Badge


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