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Green Energy & Sustainable Technologies Collection

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Sponsorship of this digital badge collection will provide Junior Executive Management (JEM) Teams with the following STEM++ skills, capabilities & experiences within the Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources industry when they:

    1. Green Energy & Sustainable Technologies Skills Badge ($40) – Explain the relationship between force, work, energy, and power and study the characteristics, availability, conversion, control, transmission, and storage of energy and power
    2. Suppliers Project Badge ($20) – Identify the electrical and mechanical power systems available within your College Town community and explain if they are nonrenewable, renewable and/or energy conservation sources.
    3. Job Market Task Badge ($30) – Identify the many careers and some of the safety regulations in energy and related technologies within your College Town community
    4. Products & Services I Project Badge ($20) – Identify alternative energy sources to explain their regional implications and economic, environmental, and sustainability issues.
    5. Research & Development Project Badge ($20) – Evaluate the positive and negative impacts of nuclear power and its relevancy to various situations in within your College Town community.
    6. Product Life Cycle Project Badge ($20) – Explain future trends of energy, power, and transportation as it relates to your College Town community and any opportunities to develop potential alternative energy systems and solutions that demonstrate a unique and appropriate approach to energy generation.

Digital Badge Sponsorship Allocations:
30% – $45.00 Student stipend to “pay themselves”
40% – $60.00 Service-learning project fund donation to “reinvest in their business”
30% – $45.00 NEXT Steps donation to sustain program operations

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