The Realm of Government & Public Administration

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The Realm of
Government & Public Policy Administration

Sponsor the digital badge collection of The Government & Public Policy Administration Realm to help STEAM skillsmen gain competencies in understanding basic principles of governance, national security, foreign service planning, revenue & taxation, regulation, public management & administration.

The Guardians of the Government & Public Policy Administration Realm require skillsmen to possess mastery of following STEAM Skills.

Community Ecosystem Leadership Badge

Contributions Task Badge

Operations Project Badge

Competitive Advantage Project Badge

Government & Public Policy Skills Badge

Effective Communicator Task Badge

Sponsor Benefits

• Sponsorship of six (6) industry-related digital badges
• One (1) Student Stipend awarded for each digital badge earned
• Contribution to the Impact Project Fund for one (1) service-learning project for the Agriculture Realm
• One (1) Money Guide gift set (one activity workbook and one card deck) to keep or donate to a deserving educator, student or group

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