Leadership Digital Badge


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Recognize and reward students that have been elected by their peers to serve on a Junior Executive Management (JEM) Team.


Leadership Digital Badge
STEAM Skill Value: $50.00
Number of Service Goals: 2

Skillcoin Rewards™
Based on $50.00 Digital Badge Sponsorship
Student Stipend – $15.00
Impact Project Fund – $20.00
COD Network – $15.00

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Our Digital Badge & Skillcoin Rewards System™

  We have over 68 digital badges and 270+ service goals that friends, families, mentors, educators, volunteers, businesses and donors can sponsor to help young innovators and entrepreneurs raise funds, promote their achievements and launch their businesses!

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Program Badges

$10 .00 ea

Students learn how to identify and explore local resources available within their community.

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Project Badges

$20 .00 ea

Teaches students economic and business development skills.

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Task Badges

$30 .00 ea

Teaches students project management and job readiness skills.

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Skills Badges

$40 .00 ea

Ensures students gain industry-recognized technical skills from a STEM++ Career Cluster

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Leadership Badges

$50 .00 ea

Rewards students that create solutions and demonstrate effective leadership skills.

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Partner Badges

$150 .00 avg

Collections sponsored by members of our Partners In Education Network.

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*40% of all digital badge sponsorships are assigned to an Impact Project Fund and treated as tax-deductible donations to The NEXT Steps Youth Entrepreneur Program (a 501c3 nonprofit organization)


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