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Do Better • Think Bigger • Share


Task Digital Badge
STEAM Skill Value: $30.00
Service Goals: 6

Demonstrates how to effectively communicate your goals and share ideas

Skillcoin Rewards™
Digital Economy Cash Allocations
Student Stipend Fund – $9.00
Impact Project Fund – $12.00
CoD Network Fund – $9.00

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Do Better • Think Bigger • Share

Effective Communicator Service Goals
Task Digital Badge Collection

Effective Communicator SG1
Explained the difference between verbal and non-verbal communication
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Effective Communicator SG2
Described how to communicate assertively
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Effective Communicator SG3
Demonstrated assertive communication in three situations 
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Effective Communicator SG4
Described the differences between passive, aggressive and assertive styles of communication
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Effective Communicator SG5
Accurately reconstructed an oral description (listening)
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Effective Communicator SG6
Give a full report about an event including who, what, when where, why, and how problems were solved
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Effective Communicator SG7
Introduced self properly and made a good first impression
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About STEAM Education eGift Cards
STEAM Education eGift Cards work just like gift certificates. When they are redeemed, students earn cash stipends, funds for their service projects and credits to market their content through The CoD digital media distribution network.

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Over 68 STEAM Skills
270+ Service Goals

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Program Badges
5 Badge Collection
$10.00 each
Helps identify and explore local resources within a community

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Project Badges
12 Badge Collection
$20.00 each
Teaches economic and business development skills

badge - task

Task Badges
17 Badge Collection
$30.00 each
Teaches project management and job readiness skills

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Skills Badges
18 Badge Collection
$40.00 each
Ensures STEAM skills are gained from a high-demand Career Cluster

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Leadership Badges
11 Badge Collection
$50.00 each
Rewards creative solutions and effective leadership

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Partner Badges
Custom Badge Collection
$150.00 average
Created by businesses seeking a specific skillset

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